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Lunch Time Stutter

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. A gentleman decides to go on a cross-country trip.
    He comes to a small town and realizes that he's getting
    kind of hungry. He sees a young boy sitting on the
    front steps to his house and decides to ask him.

    "Y-Young m-m-man, c-could I t-t-trouble y-you for d-
    d-directions to a g-good p-p-place t-to eat?"

    The boy simply stares at him and says nothing.

    The gentleman again asks: "I s-said, c-could y-y-you
    p-please t-tell me wh-wh-where I could g-g-get something
    t-to eat?"

    The boy still just sits and stares at him.

    After a few more times of asking and getting no response,
    the gentleman rolls up his window and drives off.

    The boy's mother walks out to the steps and says to
    him, "You've lived in this town all your life...why
    didn't you tell him where to get something to eat at??"

    The boy then replied, "Y-you think I w-want t-t-to get
  2. First joke I've laughed out loud for in a while.

    Thanks, nice one.
  3. Am i the joke queen?

    (ok so that might be out of contex...)
  4. Maybe.