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Lunch Time Games

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Ok guys serious question, during lunchtimes we used to play lan games over the network between the different sections in the company. :D Now the boss has decided he doesn't like us playing these games and had them removed from everyones computer. :cry:

    So i fixed this problem by playing stick cricket through my lunch breaks, but i have finished the tournament and only one win away from world domination. So now i am nearing the end of the challenge of this flash game does anyone know of other flash type games on the computer, that i can play but either save my progress, or are short enough that i can play during a 1 hr break :?

    If not i will have to start heading maybe running or swimming through lunch :shock: so please someone help me out with some type of game i can play :wink:

    cheers stewy
  2. hey thanks guys... just what i was looking for :grin:
  3. These are awesome. I doubt I'll be doing any work now...
  4. Argghh!!! I hate you guys!! I'm going to get into so much trouble with my boss ;) :p :p :LOL:
  5. bubble game.. 45900.... then i got bored and stacked up, doesn't work as well.

    there goes an hour of my life i'll never get back