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Lunch meets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yohcaptain, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. well there is a shift riders ride day how about a coffe/lunch meet :wink: i would love to go to those coffe nights but im chained up to my work :cry: any people out there who would like to do this :grin:

  2. what area are you in..... been heading down pier at the end of beach road a bit for lunch a bit lately, so really just depends where people are.. but if there are a few of us that are keen i am all up for a friday lunch down there
  3. I'm keen, depending on when & where.
  4. Yeah i noted The New South Welshmen are doing CBD lunch get togethers...
    Could be an interesting thing to start in Melb to...
  5. Nice to see some people are intrested . :grin: . i was thinking Once a month on a day to be decided .. so lets start organizing as see what happens .. Come on more voices Plz let this be a on going thing here in Victoria :wink:
  6. sorta depends how close people work to a area, as most only get a hour, so if it's 30mins travel each way to the point, pl won't go.... will only work fo rthose that work near each other :cool: :wink:
  7. great idea.... well i work in hawthron.
  8. I am in south melbourne
  9. oh yep this is going to work....

    Well i am dandenong...... :shock: and if it happens somewhere near by and my bike is still where i parked it at the start of the day i will be there :p :LOL:
  10. You need to have it somewhere near Melbourne Central. :grin: :p
  11. Good ideas always come from north of the border ! :grin:
  12. I'm up for it but I reckon doing them every 1-2 weeks would be better than monthly :)
  13. Like sticking your thumb up an other guys arse and calling it sport??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Can't go wrong with Ham.
  15. Great idea.

    I've worked almost every Thursday & Friday for 4 years and hardly ever get to Coffee nights.

    How about the Westies? where do you folk work?

    I vote for a Wednesday, 12-12.30-1.00pm??
  16. Yeah BBG Is cool.
    I'd rather not a Wednesday as I have to leave early in the afternoons on Wednesdays, and want to minimise the timing issues
  17. I'm up for lunch meets, although comming frm Kilsyth it'd have to be off one of the fwy's (S.E or Monash)
    Night shift... sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
    Am currently on my second of three nights in a row plus 8hrs of ova time & am suffering frm the various :shock: adverse side :furious: effects of excessive :eek:hno: coffee... and lack of sleep :tantrum:

    I think my brain just shut off again....
    Yep :|