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Lunch at Carson's Lookout

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Highett, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. I am on my way home on Thunder Bolts Way approaching Gloucester enjoying the sunshine but starting to feel a little hungry so I pull into Carson's Lookout and park beside a shaded table with a view, and what a view.....

    I get out my Jetboil and make myself a cup of coffee, open a packet of freeze dried Beef and Pasta Hotpot, Add boiling water, wait ten minutes and a hearty lunch is ready.



    Click on the image to view the video


  2. I keep meaning to go there but just put it off. You've just made me escalate it to the top of my day ride list. I'm one of those slack buggers that never seems to visit those areas on my doorstep!
  3. The view from that lookout has to be one of the most spectacular available in NSW at least! I don't know how far you can see on a clear day, but it's a lot. Further south of that lookout there's a smaller one where you can see about 6 or 7 dams stepped down the hill into the valley below, a fabulous view. (It's a pity the road from there to Walcha is also one of the most supremely boring roads in NSW :LOL:.)
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  4. From my last trip up that-a-ways.


    Photo 26-04-13 2 34 37 PM.

    road from walcha to the look out was good run IMO very fast sweepers on freshly paved road.
  5. That is worth the trip!