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Lunch at Australia's southern most pub

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Michelle33, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. IMAG0325. IMAG0324. Lovely ride, some marvellous twisties, great lunch at Southport Pub, Southern Tasmania.

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  2. southport. We didn't get to visit the pub, perhaps we can organise that for the next trip? This is a shot of desmo1968desmo1968's ride at our rest stop at Southport, from our trip earlier this year. Nice work Michelle33Michelle33 :D I spot a Tiger amongst the pack too :woot:
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  3. Yes we had a Tiger, ZX14, SV650, VTR250 and CB250. Hughly recommend the pub, great food.
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  4. Jea...lous ! Tassie on a motorbike
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  5. All you have to do is live here!
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  6. I'm into my second week of holidays driving through Tassie. I feel so jealous that I'm in the car, I was taking photos of some random people riding those twisties :( I hope that rider didn't wave his fist at me for taking my snaps :greedy: Keep wondering too how many of those bike riders are NR folks! Drove to Southport today, back to Hobart for the night and then on to lake Gordon and lake Pedder! Totally agree with you Stefank. Tasmania is the motorcyclists' paradise!

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  7. Yes, living here is GREAT ! Did it again on Sunday with little ride through Sorell, Penna, Orielton, Fingerpost Road, back to Richmond. Lovely weather this weekend in Tassie :)
  8. I'm only disappointed that we don't have a pub in Mawson!! Great photos Michelle33Michelle33.
  9. I thought the Bruny Hotel was the southernmost? Don't tell me i have to go back and do all those roads all over again.............. ;)
  10. Flying down this evening for 9 days in a car today. Very excited.
  11. You'll love it smileebloke, beautiful place. Have fun - and like me you'll be kicking yourself you're not on a bike, guaranteed.
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  12. Wait! Tasmania is considered Australia now? What next out eastern most pub being in New Zealand ;)
  13. Casey Station Antarctic, although granted, it is a little bit more difficult to get to on two wheels =D


    (This photo is from Dec 2008 - so not sure if Splinters is still going)
  14. 20141230_170623.
    You inspired a stop after a trip to the hot springs.
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  15. Did you have the bartender with the most beautiful mullet i have ever seen? I will try and get a photo.