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Lunatics, That drive cars,

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. It has just been brought to my attention from another Thread in here,

    I have been riding a long time, Longer than a lot of you on here have been alive,

    I actually love all those Idiots that cant drive and are all over the road,

    Cutting corners, pulling out on you, cutting you off, Smidsy's. Etc, Etc, Etc,

    Even the Agressive ones that like to squeeze you and cut you off,

    It makes me one hell of a better rider for it, It puts excitement in my day, It Keeps my mind so acutely active,

    I am constantly looking for what these Idiots will do next,

    The holes that I will use to escape, if the shit hits the fan from them,

    It makes a long boring ride, full of fun and gives me something to talk about for a long time into the future,

    It also gives me factual information that I can pass on to the newer Riders that dont believe these things can and will happen,

    It helps to keep them alive as well.

    I have been in almost every death defying situation that you can think off,
    That could have caused a Fatality, Mine,

    Even on a little bike, You have the Manouverability, Acceleration, Braking,
    To avoid a collision with a car,

    You have a Brain,

    Learn to Use it. Think for the clods, The roads are full of them,

    Your it, Your necks on the line, Its up to you to avoid the wreck, Yours, Hahahahaha

    2 things I have learned from my travels over the years,

    If you fall off your bike, Gravel rash, Heals in 3 weeks,

    Hit some thing solid, Sudden Stop. Your Dead,

    I hit a tree 30 odd years ago, Skiing, Sudden Stop. I havent forgotten,
    I wont do that on any bike, Ever,

    Just my 2 cents worth,

    Hopefully you will think it is a good read, and get some thing out of it.

    Other wise.](*,)

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  2. Good post Deadman. Food for thought.
  3. I know it's a sad state of affairs to expect shít from other road users whenever I jump on the bike but that's my attitude. Nonchalance can get you into trouble so it seems fit to live by the motto that it's up to me to avoid from the lunatics.

    That's not to say I don't let my hair down when given the opportunity but there's a time and place...
  4. You are right.

    Without the odd idiot here and there my commute would be sooooo boring.

    Good point about them teaching you how to be a better rider.
  5. it's why our evolution is toward being smarter on the roads.
    whereas the drivers are being dumbed down.
  6. A good read. (y)
  7. If we had more idiots to avoid we wouldn't have such a need to speed.
    Bring on the idiots I say
  8. Yeah lunatics don't bother me because they are consistantly loony and you can spot them a mile away. It's the more subtle incompetent driver that bothers me. Seemly driving normally and in a straight line, then cuts you off randomly without warning.
  9. What ever doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

    However when they do kill you, you got your self one heck of a problem.
  10. I would have to completely agree with that.

    It isn't to suggest that one should go looking for trouble, but acceptance that it is there, lurking in the minds of headless drivers.

    It DOES keep you alert as you should be anytime, and it DOES let you practice your different senses, of anticipation, readiness, constant assessment of escape routes etc, etc.

    It is rewarding when you see a car, and something about it has got your spidey sensors tingling... You make adjustments in anticipation, and...bang!... They pull some d!ckhead stunt, exactly as you had anticipated.

    Reading the traffic, is life preserving, if you commute, and you will be a far better rider as a result.

    I actually used to love my 70k round trip in peak hr traffic.
    If you're a commuter rider, you can with experience and diligence, become a brilliant reader of traffic, which will serve you well, any time, any place.

    (and I'm not talking about idiots that cut the traffic up...that, is just what it is...)

    I'm referring to riders who can negotiate traffic and other obstacles, moving through them effortlessly, like a ghost....

    A sharp commuter rider who can also mix it up in the twisty bits, is a great road rider, and gets my utmost respect.
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  11. Only live people talk about dying.:angel:
  12. And the dead ones, wont give tips on how to avoid it.
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