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Lunatics and morons testing the waters

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, May 11, 2008.

  1. A bold move by the religious cash cow of carbon trading is taking a turn to see the implications of making us all pay for utter BS.
    This is the start of a series of global taxes that will make interest rate rises seem like eating candy. It may be axed in terms of public record, but this will take on various other guises to be inserted into the public system.

    Again, the facts of science and foundations of decades of subject expertise has been bypassed as money is to be made.

    Wait till Rudd hears about this. :roll:


  2. Stopped your meds again PP?
  3. Not sure I understand your post there PP, from what I read, the article is about how they are not going to put in the carbon rationing system?
  4. Its called testing the environment for these changes. Sure in this form they have agreed that this will backlash. But it proves that these mechanisms are viable and alternative vectors fro introducing these will be not far behind.
  5. Yup! Thank Jeebus.

    So how many trees does Prince Harry have to plant to makeup the points required to visit his girlfriend in a Chinook?
  6. You know, if he threw a few seeds out the window on the way over, the trip would cancel itself out. But there would have to be some kind of ratio, for every ten trees that take root, he could have one...........well you get the idea.
  7. I don't understand PP, which part is utter BS?
  8. Port, you are not meant to understand. Just try to be like the rest of us, ok. No-one understands PP
  9. So as I read this they have decided it’s a bad idea, and yet you are still bitching and squealing.
    And as for religious fervour… the charge of you falsifying documents still stands.
    So Answer the question or STFU
  10. Fixed.

    Frankly, even the idea that the carbon credit card is/was considered sent chills down the spine. :shock:

  11. Ummmmm, WTF?
  12. ah, it won't be too long before we'll be subject to the same eco-driven regime as the people on the planet in HHGTTG: every time you went to the toilet you had to get a receipt and have the same amount of weight surgically removed before you could leave the planet :LOL:.
  13. I can feel a HHGTTG thread coming on here - those 4 books are the finest trilogy ever put to print. Ah....the warlike race who invaded a distant planet but misjudged the scale and got swallowed by a small dog.......absolute genius! :LOL:
  14. Didn't you read it? All of it is BS.
  15. Which part? The story, or the parts of the story PP either omitted or made up?
  16. Five books :) .
  17. I was trying to get PP to specifically state which part(s) he thought was BS. When he did so (which he hasn't because he's obviously too busy posting OT threads to bother reading any of them) I was going to comment. That comment was going to be along the lines of 'just because some others have a different opinion, why do you feel to label them?' This is not the first time PP has done this.

    It looks to me that he is so busy pushing his barrow that he cannot stop and look from another perspective.
  18. Every forum has it's "Professor Ratbaggy" Give him some slack, mate