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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zeddicus, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Let me share with you fellow netriders, the moment of utter lunacy I witnessed on my commute home this evening.

    The setting: Parramatta road, Sydney.

    The players: 1 x STA bus; 1 x private bus; 1 x lunatic GSX-R600 rider; 1 x utterly gobsmacked Hyo 650R rider (yours truly).

    Scene: So there I am ambling along at approx 55km/hr down the bus lane following a private bus. Private bus indicates and begins merge to the right and into first normal traffic lane. Half-way through the merge I see his reason; a stopped STA bus in the bus lane ahead. Que indicator, head check and my own merge to the right, still traveling at approximately 55 klicks.

    Enter stage left the star of our show, GSX-R600 rider, in the bus lane, doing 90+ and accelerating hard.

    Now for some reason our star decided he really didn't want to be behind a bus. So rather than jump on the brakes, head-check and merge (like any sane person would do) he keeps accelerating. I back off a little for a better view. Two seconds later he cuts right hard, missing still stationary STA bus and by now very worried private bus by what I would estimate as 1/2 a bike length front and behind.

    Just as Mr GSX-R600 rider dissapears in front of private bus, said bus slams on the anchors.

    I fully expected to pull up and find the mangled remains of bike + bits of rider. Thankfully this was not the case.

    There's risks and then there's risks...

    Our anonymous friend was in a hurry tonight. Thankfully his appointment with Darwin was postponed. I sure hope whatever he was late for was worth it.
  2. Pity the gsx-r 600 rider isn't here to post his view of the events. Funny how it's always someone else who's the idiot .... :roll:
  3. OK, that's it - Prada knockoffs at 10 paces!
  4. Took me a second Bravus :LOL: :p
  5. Sounds like your awareness of the potential of that sort of situation is heightened since your accident, zeddicus, so I can see a justification for your reaction. But it seems that the other rider had it within a certain degree of control, and no harm came of it. I would imagine a shake of the head and a bit of a moan would be enough, then let it go.
    No point getting worked up over someone elses stupidity. Most people push it till they find their limits, some make it out, others don't.
    Be glad you weren't a witness to a bad stack and leave it at that...
    Like what has been said before- "each to their own..."
  6. sounds bad, but alot of things look bad from the outside when a rider may have things well under control. Not saying he wasn't pushing it, gap and hoon wise, but the extra power does let you do things alot safer in these respects. But if someone has to brake to avoid him, it's a bad sign.