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Luminescent helmet - Shark Vision R BeCool Lumi

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Pockets, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Just came across this helmet which was available for pre-order. I thought it was a great idea depending on how well it works... would make it easier to be seen over the top of other cars.

    Any thoughts/criticism

  2. I have had one for the last two months. Very comfy, great with the internal flip down tint visor. The glowing only lasts for a short time, like any glow in the dark material it needs light to charge it.

    A good overall helment though.
  3. The Shark Evo2 had a glow in the dark model too, although it was circles on the sides.
  4. Have you seen my helmet with the LED's built into the rear spoiler and chin vents ?
  5. .............

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  6. thats a dam smart idea takamii
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  8. you're not just a pretty face Tak!!

    So this will be an option for your helmets in future? Wonder if a small solar panel could power the lites lol
  9. Im going to do something like this but have no idea how well it would works.
  10. No I had not seen it, I keep meaning to buy one of your helmets but expenses keep bloody popping up everywhere.
  11. What is giving power to the LEDs? Is there a wire connected to the bike's battery or is it running on it own batteries?
  12. cell phone battery in the helmet - lasts 6 hours before recharge
  13. That's AWESOME

    Do you have instructions on how to fit such awesomeness to a helmet?
  14. That's AWESOME

    Do you have instructions on how to fit such awesomeness to a helmet?[/QUOTE]