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Lukey Luke Stunt Promo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by [FLUX], Jan 5, 2007.

  1. #1 [FLUX], Jan 5, 2007
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  2. Interesting... just how much air is in the rear tyre? :?
  3. cool vid though!!
  4. Cool post Stew, thankyou.
    For those who don't know, that's a local boy from Brighton.
    I'll let the actual stunters amongst us explain why they run the rear with little air in it.
    I know it helps with bike control, but i couldn't tell you why.

  5. Go let your tyre down as much as you want, and make a vid of you doing the same stuff :)


    Very impressive! I want someone to teach me to do that!
  6. Schweet - thanks for sharing it!
  7. That bloke has got some serious talent. Love the stand up mono's to the sit down on the tank with legs apart manoeuvre AWESOME :wink:
  8. Thanks for the good feedback guys... keep ya posted on upcoming stuff and new promo's... :wink:
  9. Nice work :wink:
  10. LOL i was just gonna say i met Lukey Luke at Brighton when i was looking at bikes and gear! Well done mate!
    I just read something in RAPID at lunchtime from that Pfeiffer (sp?) stunting guy from Europe about the reason for lower pressures... tighter turning in for wheelies or something from memory... have to check.
  11. I gotta...

    1) Learn that cool tail-slide park thingy.

    2) Finish it by flicking up the visor with one hand before the bike comes completely to rest.

    3) Give phone number to hot girl.
  12. You can't be a real stunter. You weren't wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

  13. :LOL: tru dat.

    Also a distinct lack of visible tattoos and the pointing of glocks at the camera ^_^
    How r we suppozed 2 kno how hardcore yoo really r???! :p
  14. WOW Amazing stuff Luke, especially liked the no hands with one foot on the ground! keep up the good work!
  15. thats is nuts !!!!!!

    dumb q.. but wat bike is that?
  16. ALRIGHT!!! I don't mind being the idiot who asks the obvious question; how many time did you fall off perfecting that amazing stuff?????

    Great bike control, I'm impressed, you should have a go at bike trials, with tha sense of balance you'd blitz it, I reckon.....

    {Do the people who own those vehicles KNOW that you are doing that stuff near their cars/trucks? :LOL:}
  17. Yeah, I'm wondering too!
    I've seen that tail-light before but I can't remember what bike it's off.
  18. Dude that is some seriously impressive shit. Respeck. Love the handsfree, foot-draggin' circle wheelies. Bugger me dead.
  19. Thanks guys, yeah the bikes an F4i and yes it took alot of crashing to get to where i am now but its all worth it and paying off slowly... Im actually on my way up to syd this weekend for the motomayhem which is a motorcycle event with 8 different styles of riding including stunt riding... should be good fun, check it out at motomayhem. com. au

    Lukey Luke