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Lugo's GS500F

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Lugo, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thought I might show off a couple of pics of the new bike picked up a month or so ago. I love it!




  2. Had to manually approve your post, please read the forum stickies in welcome forums the answer why is there.
  3. Oh she's so dark and so beautiful, I really like it. Black out the engine and the muffler and install red LEDS and I will love you.
  4. (y) A very cool very black bike. :)
  5. Thanks, was trying to work out why it said it needed to be manually approved! Is there a specific post count you need before it stops blocking the posts? Just for my own reference so I'm not a bother :)

    Thanks! How exactly would I go about blacking out the engine and muffler? Not really sure I want to, but if its easy and viable I might give it a go to see how it looks.

    As for red LED's, I'm assuming you're talking about the brake light? I'm contemplating a black chrome clear led taillight which lights up red along with some clear indicators (undecided if I want the factory clear replacements you can get, or more aftermarket LED ones) to clean it up a bit, I'm not a fan of orange really. Any thoughts on that one?
  6. Nah mate, red LEDs to light the bike up

    as for blacking the engine out, really the only viable option is to powdercoat it. sounds like you don't want to do it bad enough to go through the trouble and expense though.
  7. Don't really want to pull the bike apart for the sake of powdercoating! Disco lights aren't really my thing either, and I've already got a love in my life so I guess I'll just have to do without you loving me lol
  8. Hey Lugo,
    Looks bloody unreal. Love the grey/black scheme.
    It's on my list of first bikes I just can't decide.
  9. A few suggestions:

    Replace the muffler; Cuts out a chunk of weight, and greatly improves sound (even without increased loudness)
    Replace the springs in the front forks; Stock suspension is well know for it's excessive softness. This should be a high priority.
    Replace the rear suspension; There are a few bikes for which its a straight swap (certain R6 models, for example).

    Head over to GSTwins to find more info, and enjoy the wonderful world of riding :).
  10. beautiful, lugo!

    oooh this is exactly what i was looking for next for mine. dire mods. the front forks are hella soft, that's for sure.
  11. Is that paintjob custom? or did it come in that color?

    I can only see the one with more Grey :(
  12. Guaranteed to get pulled over and defected by every cop that sees you.
  13. Nah it's all straight from Suzuki, it's brand new so I assume the 2010/2011 paint scheme? I know the 09's I looked at were a little different, and prior to that completely different with decals and so fourth. I like the metallic grey though, turns so many heads sparkling in the sun. Really has to be seen in person to be appreciated.
  14. Thought I might throw in a bit of an update. Since the last shots I've fitted a Diamond Vision headlight (which is heaps better at night), LED taillight and OEM fitment clear indicators. Just trying to clean it up a bit. Once the L plates come off next week I'll probably source a new rear fender to create a fender eliminator of sorts out of, then it'll be pretty well set I think.