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luggage storage for CB900

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mauser, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Ive got a Honda CB900 Hornet and have started taking it on long overnight and weekend trips and have found using a backpack for my "stuff" is a pain in the bum. Any recommendations as to what type of soft-type luggage carriers I could get for this bike would be appreciated. Excuse my naievity on this subject but ive never really bothered about it before, but now I find Im enjoying riding interstate etc.

  2. I've gone the big dollar option on my Hornet with a Givi solid top box (lockable).
    46 litre capacity which means 2x full face helmets easy.
    Fully loaded you are reminded it's back there, but nothing as bad as a mate or girlfriend tapping you on the back of your helmet telling you to slow down.

    Otherwise: Have you tired to strap stuff to the chrome bungie hooks that fold out from under your seat base?
    (I ask because 1 in every 2x Hornet owners I come across don't know about 'em).

    Saddlebags rest on the cans which I reckon is naff.
  3. I've bought a Ventura rack that I use now and again. Secures in place at the expense of the grabrail. Rode up to Canberra and back earlier this year with two bags zipped together, not a problem. Have thought of using saddlebags with it but not sure how they'll stand up to extended rides resting against the exhausts.

    I'll post a pick of the ventura bags/rack tomorrow.
  4. Although my ride is a GS500FK9, I bought the Ventura rack/bag system (bought as a kit and included the L-Bracket, Pack-Rack & Euro-Rally III pack bag) and had it fitted during my last service. Carries everything I need for a few days away without any trouble securely to the back of the bike. Ventura recommend that you have the bag over the pillion seat (when riding solo) but I normally have it facing rearward unless I load it up with tools and the weight starts getting a bit high, then I position it over the pillion seat. So far, I haven't had a need to use the expansion section which brings the capacity from 50 to 56 litres. Another option (for the pack bag) is to use the Aero-Delta range which can be zipped together with another Aero for greater capacity.
  5. It depends entirely on how much gear you intend to carry. My bike came with Ventura gear set up already but, since I don't carry a lost of stuff most of the time, a small RJays top box takes care of my luggage needs. On an overnight run, I will augment that with my Oxford magnetic tank bag.

    I only ever use the big Ventura bag for longer trips, and even then I often find that I've packed more than I need.

    I've travelled with a few people who've had real good things to say about the new "tail pack" bags that strap to your seat and then detach and can be used as your carry bag. Would be worth investigating those too. I do like this idea as it keeps the weight low rather that waving up high in the breeze like a Ventura bag does.

    Bottom line is that, whatever you put in whatever bag you have, you are adding weight and increasing load on the bike. So always work on the "less is best" mantra when packing.
  6. My Hornet has a ventura bag which came with it. I will be ditching it for my Givi top box. It can't be locked, which means both risk of theft (of contents, but also of bag) but also anxiety about it. It's not water-proof - everything in there got soaked on a rally last weekend - phone, expensive road map (analogue gps for those of you who haven't heard of one). For camping gear you can just get a big sack and tie it across the rear seat.


    If you do get the bag, and you're going solo, you can mount it over the back seat for better weight distribution.
  7. Can I ask where you got yours and how much it set you back?
  8. just get a seat bag, saddle bags and if more space needed, tank bag

    whats the point of having a sports bike if ur going to put a ventura rack on it...