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Luggage recommendations for CBR250R

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by trotsky, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I just bought a new CBR250R and it's going to be my main commuting vehicle from now on. :)

    I'll need to carry a few things to work and back (largest item is a small laptop) everyday so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on luggage carrying options for my bike.

    I don't really mind what kind of storage it is (tank / tail etc...) and I don't mind spending a bit for some versatile storage that's waterproof.

    I've been looking at the official Honda tail pack set (like this one)

  2. Kriega gear is very versatile and waterproof too, I just got myself a us40 combo - very good quality, definitely worth a look.
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  3. I recommend against buying the genuine Honda tail pack. Lacks compartments, material feels vinyl and it looks plain ugly -- notice the shots are always from the side? I ended up buying a Kriega R30.

    Check out the site here: www.kriega.com.au

    If you want the tail pack I can sell mine to you for $50 (if you're in NSW).
  4. Kreiga US20 on the CBR, packed with laptop and shoes.
    I can even fit a pizza between the bag and the pillion seat on the way home if I wanted.

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  5. Thanks for all the advice! I went with a Kriega US-20. They definitely seem to have a good rep.
  6. I wouldn't ever put a laptop anywhere except a backpack.
    And for that reason I do do recommend ogio mech 5.

    Since I got it I realised that I just don't need the luggage bag.
    I even do shopping with it :)

    Obviously you'll have to carry a bit of weight of you, but that's fine with me since it doesn't feel heavy at all, even when fully packed.

    Additional benefit is that it is a pretty damn good back protector too :)
    So the pros are all around :)

    PS see my photo - I'm on the bike with with it.
  7. Still got the tail pack for sale? :)
  8. I have one for sale if you are still interested
  9. I've used my Kriega US20 to lug my laptop, wet weather gear, lunch and whatever else to and from work every day for 18 months now. I strap it to a tail rack on my DRZ400SM and the bag still looks like new. Even in the torrential downpours it's never leaked a drop - I can't recommend their gear enough!
  10. Could anyone let me know which would be more preferable: a Kriega US20 or a Kreiga R25/30 ? I know that one is strapped to the bike and the other is a backpack, but what would everyone choose for storage? If it helps, I don't mind wearing a backpack. Advantages/disadvantages?
  11. Can you stuff a full face helmet into a Kriega US20?
  12. There looks to be enough room in there, but the opening is too small.
  13. Thanks Masakali.