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Luggage rack for Suzuki SV650S

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by olympicwiz, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Was hoping that someone would have an idea if it is possible to get and install the luggage rack on my Suzuki SV650S 2011 model. With a view to install a TopBox later on it.

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  3. Cheers for that, will check it out. Was actually wanting to put one of those hard plastic boxes on top to store my helmet and gloves.
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  7. Cheers mate, I will give them a call.
  8. Finally bit the bullet and ordered a Ventura rack kit for my SV650S

    The packages arrived

    I am somewhat mechanically minded and assembled a few things in my time, however I quickly found the installing the L brackets to my bike beyond my capability.

    Not only the instructions are extremely poorly written by people of Ventura (I can scan and post a copy - I have had instructions from China more readable!), it also requires drilling the holes in my motorbike that I have no idea where and how and quite frankly it scares me to drill holes in my bike.

    It defeats the whole purpose of the custom kit - where it was alluded it takes 20min to install the kit using the existing holes - I thought they were simply going to have the L brackets to be attached to passenger foot pegs assembly etc.

    Not sure what to do. Would anybody know how to install it or know anyone in Sydney who can install this,

    If not .. I am afraid I may have to return this for a refund. Might be another excuse to upgrade to a newer bike hehe...

    It is beyond me as to why they don't say on their website that the drilling is required in order to install this!
  9. It seems strange that you need to drill holes. I haven't heard of this before for any other racks. Maybe YouTube it an see if you can find a how to...
  10. Yeah - I found a clip on YouTube that is pretty useless

    The trickiest part of actually installing the L racks - they fast forwarded with no explanation whatsoever and spent time explaining how to mount a luggage back on the rack. Mind boggles.

    I re-read this so called an excuse for a installation manual and yeah - they printed some rough templates on the back of the manual for the holes drilling.
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    yeah you need to. not that big a deal (just make sure you don't get left and right mixed up :D )

    if my very non-mechanical friend can do it, you can probably do it too :)
    iirc, it is just holes in plastic not metal?
    also i think the hole is bigger than any drill bits you probably have, so a smaller hole, and then use a round file to get it to right size and position.

    can you post up the instructions?

    this is for a different bike, but similar sort of thing

    ps, I could probably help but not for a couple of weeks.
  12. Thank you sir. These are the instructions below. I have no idea where to drill and not even comfortable in drilling holes in my bike as I know that I would botch it up.. I just thought it would be a simple job aligning the holes in mounting the L brackets. If you can help.,.. would be muchly appreciated!

    img001. img002. img003. img004.
  13. ah, I remember those crap instructions :D

    I think diagram 1 is looking from above? err.. underneath? if you compare pic to bike, it's one or the other:D

    in this pic below (diagram 2, right hand side of bike), red arrow shows where the hole is.. (which is also indicated by "1" in diagram 3)
    that bracket is the 491R (right)
    basically you just want the little stubby 491 brackets to poke through the plastic mudguard bit, and that's where the hole is

    if you take your tail bits off and take some pics (side, top and underneath) I'll mark which bits are which.

  14. Yep. Cut it is. Good luck. Measure three times, drill once.
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  15. Oh Blimey - it looks upside down and perhaps starting to make sense. Who writes these instructions FFS???

    My bike has tail tidy so not sure if this could be even installed.
  16. Here they are

    20150702_181346. 20150702_181349. 20150702_181400 (1). 20150702_181406. 20150702_181419. 20150702_181424.
  17. bit hard to see with the tail panels in the way but you can see where the template will go and be drilled from

    First pic, where that hole on diagram matches on bike (the plastic clip goes in the hole. need to push that centre pin out of clip, from inside..)

    This is where the template goes. Without the mudguard, not sure how that affects the fore/aft locating of the template, but, not hard to figure out where by attaching the actual L bracket to the rear footpeg, and/or lining up the stubby bracket from inside..

    the two red circles to the left match red circles on diagram...
    the right blue and larger red circle (damn thing changed colour on me...) match the blue circled weld on diagram.
    diagonal bracket is circled green in both diagrams..
    the stubby bracket will sit inside the rear body panel, about where the yellow arrow is,.

    once you get the rear bodywork off, it will look more obvious :)
  18. this is where the "S114 crossmember" (yellow), and #491 stubby bracket (red) will sit
  19. and those black plastic clips work like this...
    so you need to push from inside, do the centre bit pops out, then you can pull the whole clip out of the hole
    a little tricky and fiddly, but needs to be done to remove the rear bodywork
  20. olympicwizolympicwiz did you get the topbox on yet? any pictures? :D