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Luggage on a honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by arsenalroc, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. hi, i am new to this site -found it ever since i wanted to get a bike!. i have been reading TONS of posts on newbie bikes and have settlled to look for a honda VTR250. I was wondering what kind of luggage i can put on it aka. a tailbag- i need to for weekend trips( i live between brisbane and Gold coast) and too carry tons of books and a laptop though i don't want a backpack! i really dont like the ventura backpack and was wondering is there an alternative or am i just dreaming?

  2. I have the ventura rack system and use a gearsack bag..

    WHen learners jump on the bike I take the rack out and put the grab handle in.. all good

    It requires removal to lift the seat which is a pain so I have a lock and wire rope for my helmet onto the rearfootpeg extension
  3. I've got a dririder tank bag for mine. It works really well and I've carried everything from books, to beers in it at freeway speeds.

    I tried a tailbag but because of the way the seat is made the underseat straps for a tailbag wont go on.
  4. I have an oxford sports tailpack - comes with the bungy cords that I attach to the hooks under the seat, as well as a big thick strip of velcro. Fits a fair bit in it too, especially expanded :)
  5. i am only worried about tank bag- i feel as if it blocks my view in someway... i like the idea oxford sports tailpack- any prices available?
  6. Get a smallish tankbag, put all your little bits and pieces in it. Tankbags are pretty damn good.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. you're probably looking around 180-200 or so for the one I got (expands to pretty much fit my XS Shoei helmet). They're listed on the bikebiz.com.au online store as an example; I got mine for 180 from Peter Stevens here in Adelaide, though not sure if that was cos I grabbed the display one.

    One problem I will note is that for shortasses like me, it's difficult to get onto the bike around the tailpack ;)
  8. oh and one other thing

    the oxford tailpack doesn't come with a way to secure it (lock it) so you'd have to get creative about a good way to get a lock on it :)
  9. What don't you like about the ventura? They are the best way to carry luggage on a VTR bar none. You said you have to carry tons of books and a laptop, all that aint gonna fit in a tank bag or tail bag.
  10. well i only ever seen the ventura tailpack in photo on the website and they look out of place..but i have seen my mates' bike with it and it seems to be the best option!
  11. i had a ventura tailbag when i had my spada.

    it was ok. eventually became too small for my requirement. if you have to carry alot of stuff the only other reasonable option is the ventura rack system.