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Luggage hooks on a zzr250 falling out!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Evo86, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. This is a question to anyone who owns or has owned a zzr250.

    I took off the bike rack today as it has one sheared off bolt in the thread and didnt trust the one remaining bolt hanging on with full luggage. (frustrating enough). When i got home i noticed 2 of the silver hooks had fallen out and the 3rd was nearly out.

    I assumed the hooks are meant to stay in even with no bike rack. I hope i can get replacements from a shop. But has anyone had the same problem or Have i done something stupid. I have only owned the bike a week so quite possibly making a newbie mistake. :oops:
  2. hahah, sounds exactly like me when i got my zzr, I removed my rack and went for a ride, still new to riding , i remember a taxi behind me highbeaming me, thought it was coz of my poor riding.. but when i got home noticed a couple of my hooks were missing.

    the hook are actually held on by screws, however when u add the rack the screws are replaced by the bolts which secure the rack to the bike
  3. ahhh i see. So they are held in by screws. Thanks well i to got find some new hooks and buy some screws to fit.

    Thanks :oops:
  4. I've heard of alot of people stealing ventura racks before. And seeing as how they cost $150 new its no wonder. So I've got 3 different types of nuts and screws holding my rack on so you'd have to have at least 3 different tools to nick off with it. Its no guarantee, but my failsafe is my hatchet in the garage in case I need to go rampaging.
  5. I've lost 3 of the silver hooks on my GPX, took the rack off because I don't have a bag, and they just started going
  6. Does anyone know where is a good place to purchase ventura rack in Sydney?
  7. Be careful as the threads are soft and it is easy to strip them. Try a wrecker first for your hooks, might save you a little.
  8. zzr racks are the same as gpx?
    (i'd say so!)
  9. Thanks mithel. I'm struggling to get this sheared bolt out 1st. I bought one of those easy out tools but they think you have at least an inch of bolt in there and i only have about 8-10mm. So I'm gonna have to modify the tool to suit. If not my last option is to buy a left hand thread drill bit.

    If that fails the thread will more than likely be ripped off the bike in rage and i buy a new mount to weld on the frame again.

    Ill shall look into some wreckers around melbourne.
  10. unfortunately they are not, the duck tail of the zzr and gpx are different, so the angle for the bolts are different
  11. nah youdont need a minimum just centre po the sheared off bolt drill in to it with the smallest drill bit that the tip of the easy out will go into then wind the easy out in and the bolt out