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Luggage / Gear Holder Honda CB250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WantFreedom, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Any suggestions be appreciated.

    I'm looking for a luggage holder for my CB250, I'm just looking at putting a drink, food, some camera gear and little tools I may need and other little bits and pieces when I got for a ride, I was looking at one of the ones that bolt on to the bike and you sit a backpack on it but they seemed expensive and I couldn't find any second hand ones for my bike plus maybe overkill for what I really want it for.

    Any suggestions on what I can use? maybe something of medium size I can strap to the pillion seat to the bike that would be secure?

  2. Look up www.kriega.com.au Alternatively, I just strap a medium size backpack to my bike with some bungee cords. Depends how waterproof you want it too.
  3. My CB250 just happened to come with a Ventura rack & bag, which is useful if I want to cart a whole lot of stuff around, but I also picked up a tank bag (thank you Gumtree) for when I just want to cart a little bit of stuff around.
  4. Thanks Gooza, Kriega.com.au has some nice stuff actually.

    Stefank that's what I wanted but second hand can't find anything though but yeah I'm sure it comes in handy! if you ever want to sell it let me know :)
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    Another proud CB250 owner here.:D I was thinking about buying a rack initially, but they seemed kinda expensive, especially considering you will most likely to have to buy a proper bad as well. So I just bought myself one of those dririder bags that you can strap onto the pillion seat(here's the same bag on ebay). It's a bit like the one you have strapped to your bike on your avatar, but much bigger(see it on my bike here). Worked perfect for me as it sits really tight on CB's large seat. And as I'm sill on my Ps, I will not be riding with a pillion anyway. :) I have it for almost a year now and I really enjoy it's performance.

    The bag itself is huge(edit: 50 litres to be exact). I use it to carry groceries and to store my stuff when I go out for a picnic or something and I never ran out of space. The material seems to be waterproof, but as the bag is not sealable, it comes with a waterproof cover as well. But from my experience, unless it's a terrible rainstorm or something, the bag will be fine even without it as it's top covers itself from most of the rain. Another benefit is that the bag can be used with a tail rack as well, if you decide to buy one at some point. And it's reasonably priced for it's size and quality. So yeah, highly recommend.
  6. I have the Kriega US20 and i cannot say anything bad about it. Waterproof , holds quite a lot of stuff, and detaches to look like a courier/messenger bag if you need.
  7. Looks good siilk just what I'm after put it in the pillion seat will do me! Like what's on there now only bigger Now will just decide what brand! Thanks
  8. Just a guess but your cb should have a tool compartment on it. Right hand side above your brake pedal.
    perfect for a few tools.
    I have a tank bag to keep a drink and a few cameras in on my cb250, works a treat.
  9. Bump! Just wondering if any of the CB250 owners on here have a rack they could do without. I just bought one as a cheap commuter but unlike most CB250 owners I often have a pillion passenger on the back!