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Luggage for the GP

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just bought an Oxford deluxe tailbag which is real nice. I've never carried much stuff on the bike, how are you guys gonna bring camping chairs, umbrellas/bigger stuff?
  2. I have a Ventura rack and Ventura expandable rally pack and an R-Jays tank bag and throw over saddle bags.

    This time I've got a car travelling with us so I don't actually have to pack it all on the bike but I've done it before.

    When I pack the bike I put the folding chair on the rack (with the bag facing foward and sitting over the pillion seat). The sleeping bag goes into the bag with the towell and some clothes. The tent goes on top of the chair. Both are occy strapped (more recently I've been using Andy strapz) onto the rack seperately not as a pair. Then the self inflating matt goes onto the rack on top of the tent (again strapped on seperately). After that a set of straps goes around the three items as back up.

    The camera, phone, GPS, iPod, light (torch) and any other fragile items go into the tank bag along with the rest of my clothes (I wrap the fragile items in the clothes).

    If I am camping and intend to cook then the single bottle gas BBQ goes into one pannier and the food goes into the other pannier. Liquids are carried in alloy camping bottles (which can be gotten from camping stores).

    If I'm camping for more than a couple of nights I have a small folding aluminium table (which packs down to about the size of a folding chair) and I strap that onto the rear rack (instead of the sleeping matt and put the sleeping matt on top).

    I also have a small flat folding umbrella but I don't use that much as I tend to ride in water proof riding gear (rather than leather) and I wear that (and a hat) if it's raining.
  3. Please don't use occy straps, try and get some www.andystrapz.com
  4. I may not have enough time to get andystrapz.

    I dont have a rack. I might have to use some creativity skills to tie down the chair and umbrella to the oxford bag or pillion seat :eek:
  5. Car shop should sell the strap with the steel buckle, or try the heavy duty rubber ockys is you have to.

    The cheap ockys bend at the hook, and also the end can slip through with the worst result :cry: - someone did lose an eye.
  6. :( ouch

    I will check bunnings and autobarn. Never had luggage on the back before only used backpacks so the experience is new to me