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Luggage for sport bikes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Caz no 2, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. On my old Ninja 250 I had a Ventura Rack and did overload the bag when we did our trip to QLD last year. Even then I needed a bigger bag, the Rally Pro Ventura bag (51 liters) just didn't have enough room. Plus the rack only holds 9kg which really isn't much.

    Now am getting the Ninja 650, what other options are there for sports bikes, am after a soft bag option not a top box or panniers?

    An older thread had someone asking about a horse shoe style bag, any reviews on this? Or is this likely to stuff up the paint by just sitting on the back of the bike?
  2. You can put something btw the bag and the bike to prevent scratches.

    Options might include a tailbag, another rack bag or sports panniers. But if 51 litres isn't enough, you seriously need to address your packing! :)
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  3. There is always the option of a tank bag just to add some extra storage.
  4. Maybe a trailer would be the go :)
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  5. I toured tassie with a tailbag and soft panniers (cost about $140 all up). Fully expanded I had 80L.

    If you add a tankbag you'd have over 100L
  6. First thing, I am a girl, so you know we like to pack a lot, plus it is a 12 day trip so would need to pack enough for that.

    Last time the main problem was packing a summer jacket as well as having our Leathers, so this time will not take the extra jacket, as it got quite bulky.

    Prefer not to use a tank bag but Holsters and pwbikes suggestions sounds really good, think I will check them out.

    Thanks All
  7. you can get a ventura rack with twin bags that zip together, think total exceeds 80 litre ?
  8. So am I (bolded), but my sister went around the US for a month using something smaller than legal carry on. It can be done if you pack smart. This means ditching (regular) jeans for things like slinky pants that roll up small and don't crease. Only one pair of shoes aside from mc boots (not runners either, they're too bulky). Investing in nylon knickers that can be washed out and dry quickly. Severely pruning your toilet bag and putting all your shampoo and other liquids into tiny bottles, investing in the tiny toothpaste tubes, foldable toothbrush, small comb, small deodorant, in a tiny toilet bag. Ditching large towels for hand towels for drying yourself etc etc

    The jacket can be an issue - I'm questioning whether to take my summer jacket on the Snowy ride. I have a large Ventura bag, and I'll probably roll the jacket up, bag it, and bungy it to the top or side of the VBag.
  9. Mmm, some excellent suggestions here. I am a little perplexed about your reluctance to use a tank bag. There are some excellent ones out there now and you don't have to buy a monster one. I have used TB's for years and I think they have some marked advantages as well as just providing you with extra storage. I keep all my valuables in it when I'm riding, that way I know where they are at all times (not stuck in a bag behind me where I can't see what's happening). My wallet, phone, .mp3 player, and other smaller accessories live there and I can also put in other stuff of the "overflow" variety. If you only want a small one, the TB9 from Rjays is excellent, but I suggest that you troll around and see if you can get the old ALDI tank bag, it is by fa the best design of any that I have seen (I wish I hadn't sold mine). Tank bags are brilliant, in my opinion.
  10. I actually did take that much on our last trip and the Ventura bag was soo full that it split the seams on the side where it goes over the rack and the top.

    I didn't take lots of toiletries as the 4 day ride up there we stayed in hotels all the way so really only had a small bag with a bit of makeup, hairbrush, deodarant, perfume :) didn't take shampoos etc as the rooms have these and thought when I got to the GC we could buy those sorts of things up there.

    Took a few pairs of jeans, mainly for riding as I have K-leggings one pair of shoes, underwear, socks, a couple of tops, a jacket. But I think it was the extra jacket with its armour that really took up a lot of room, plus I had a jacket liner for the colder parts and some plastic pants for the rain. Plus when I was riding I had my handbag in there too, but this time am looking for a statchel to keep on me. I bought Summer sort of clothes when I got up there and we posted our dirty clothes back so we could be a little lighter on the journey home.

    I could go the 2 ventura bags but if one bag was over 9kg, then it certainly could not hold 2.

    To be honest rc36, I have never tried a tank bag, just soo worried it will scratch the bike, and would love all the luggage behind me instead of all around me, but I am probably just being silly.
  11. Well, what about a set of panniers + the ventura bag? Not cruiser panniers, but soft sportsbike ones. The panniers aren't on the rack, so weight isn't an issue.

    And yes, leave the damn handbag at home! :D

    I've bought a (very) small backpack for the "handbagy" things, but when I'm riding, my wallet is in my jacket pocket anyway. I'd probably use a smallish tankbag for my sunnies, tissues etc etc if I didn't use the backpack. But I bring only the very essentials anyway. My handbag is full of crap I wouldn't DREAM of bringing on a ride.
  12. They look great, but I have a high pipe on the right hand side and I worry if it might burn the bag....Oh, and I suppose that I can tell the story of a lady with whom I did a tour once and she brought along her hair dryer. Unfortunately, to accommodate the dryer, she had to leave out her wet weather gear. I'll leave you to imagine the rest...:)
  13. Cool no problem, just thought i would throw the idea out there:)
  14. For me, my main reluctance to use a tankbag is that on crazy interstate sports-touring rides the tankbag is in the way of the fuel filler. So fuelling up means lifting the magnetic tankbag up, holding it up precariously (or faffing about by unclipping it from the headstock completely) while filling, blah blah blah. I find it annoying. :)

    Despite this frustration, I typically do have a tankbag on those crazy interstate trips - mostly to put candy/sunglasses/camera/etc in for speedy access on the trip. (Edit: To put this into perspective, in my 1200km one-day ride from BNE to Wollongong there's a minimum of 4 refuels of the Tiger enroute, so faffing about with the magnetic flaps and having to hold it up and... baaaghghhhhghh) :)

    I suppose there are some really cool Bags Connection ones with the quick-release tank ring mount which would alleviate this frustration by allowing the tankbag to really quickly clip on/off, and make for a more secure connection. :)
  15. Well, I have always ridden an "older" bike that has a metal tank so the magnetic ones are perfect. A layer of contact (the stuff you use to cover books) on the top of the tank, stops the magnets for scratching the tank and then it's just take it off the tank, sit it on the seat while you fill up and then take it with you into the servo while you pay. It also means that you take it with you whenever you're off the bike (eating, coffee, whatever) so your valuables are secure and you have your wallet there to pay for whatever you've bought. As I said, it's horse for courses, but I've done a lot of touring with a magnetic bag as part of my luggage and have never had a problem.
  16. Pfft, if I'm gone more than 3 days the dryer & straightener come with me, as well as my makeup bag and heels. I've still been able to fit it all in, it's all about tetris skills