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Luggage for Hysosung 650GTR

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by zentao, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hi all.

    My first post so a quick introduction - i am a mid age biker who has been tempted back into the saddle by a combination of good weather ( ex-UK ) and the price of those Hyosungs .... so now i have my bike and gear im discovering that Australia is a little bigger than dear old blighty and some kind of luggage is now required ... however it seems that for the 650GTR the only option is Ventura ? Is that true ... my requirements are ...

    1. Need to be able to take a pillion passenger - without the passenger there is no need for an overnight stay if you get what i mean ...

    2. Need enough space for a change of clothes for 2 people and a makeup bag ( see point one )

    3. Actually - thats about it - if Ventura is the only option - where is the best place to go looking for it in Melbourne ?


  2. hyo had some luggage packs for the gt*50 at the bike show. Should be available at a dealer(PS) But take your bike any decent gear place will let you see if it fits.
  3. Wouldn't bother mate you'll never get far enough away from home to need luggage...
  4. Luggage system


    Premium gym bag


    Rain protection

    Cheap as bru.
  5. Stigger it should say "Some won't get far away from home" There is that thread of the guy that went to perth on the 250. I have done 600+km trips on mine(one 1400km trip, and if it wasn't for the rock eating my chain would of been event free).

    Breaking down is not a hyo exclusive problem. And your post is hardly beneficial for the OP.
  6. You're right breaking down isn't purely the domain of Hyosung, but they are very god at it...

    As for the original post it's a bike, any soft luggage is going to fit (the S came with a tank bag and panniers...)

    To be perfectly honest I'm never sure whether I'm going to make it to work in the morning, If I can't risk it I take the car now...
  7. LOL! :LOL:

    Lighten up champ, you know that if there is a Hyosung post that either Stigger or myself is going to rag on it - with justification I might add. And 1x decent trip on a Hyo does not a mighty machine make ;) Mine made it whole 400km's before it blew up in rural Vic the last time :p
  8. Your's did and mine hasn't dougz. I know you are a responsible rider from your rep, and other peoples opinon, so I would believe your riding style played no part and it was a faulty bike.

    But just because you two have had problems, doesn't mean everyone else is, and I think it is more than enough of hearing this overly useless rehetoric over and over again. Want to stop someone buying one, feel free, Your a bit late in this case as the OP already has one, and is asking for luggage suggestions, not your reviews of Your dud bikes.

    I would put more up but none of it is polite. Read into it what you want.
  9. Whilst I probably agree about negativity and for that I apologies to the OP, but what I find interesting is the exactly the amount of negativity the hyo's are capable of creating in their owners whether it's because they knew about their issues and carried on pushing out product, or their complete inability to support their product I don't know.

    As far as stopping people buying them I only know of 3 sales that I've stopped and I class that as my gift to the Australian MC community, if you think support is bad now wait until they pull out of bikes entirely and drop back to scooters only...

    To the OP check korider.com there's a geeza in Europe that's got hard case's fitted to his...
  10. Geez Thera take it on the chin why don't ya! :LOL:
    People forever bag my choice of car, but hey I just live like water off a ducks back.

    So my opinion on luggage for the Hyo would be 20 bircks either side of the seat, just to make sure it sinks when you throw it off the bridge! :p

    Joke joyce, joke.
  11. hehe.

    I heard a full petrol can on the back is handy if it slides down the road as well...

  12. Really??? Where did you hear this mate? Please tell! :?

    Thera - I know of HEAPS of Hyos that died permanent deaths. Not just mine ;) A quick google will show you that. Relax champ, it's all ribbing. Thanks for the compliment BTW but with 9 points lost in the last 2 months I was in OZ I don't know if I'm what you'd call 'responsible' :p
  13. i'll have to correct those people at the sat coffee night then! don't worry I am catching up in points... I should really get the speedo adjusted in the truck :eek:
  14. Yours must be a real POS Stigger! Why do you still have it?

    For the OP, Hyosung have their own bag/rack system. I think the Ventura version might be a better bet as it has the vertical bit where the bag can slide onto. The Hyosung one I saw didn't so there is an increased risk the bag may fall off if not secured properly. The Ventura system costs more. Your bike seller will be able to get one for you and will probably get you some sort of discount off the rrp since you bought the bike from them.
  15. I still have it because money is v tight at the mo... So next time it blows I'm jumping off the back and let the insurance sort it out...

    They don't have a bag system but the do have three different racks available

    In Australia


    Or from the UK

    http://www.hyosung.co.uk/accessories.php and scroll
  16. Whatever you do mate, make sure you do not overload any bag you stick on a rear rack. With the weight of your wife, the weight of your rack and bag, and the weight of your equipment, there is significant extra pressure on the rear frame which after a few thousand clicks of bumps and shunts may cause a fracture in the frame. I had a Ventura rep explain this to me at length a couple of months ago.
  17. try looking at a OGIO saddlebag or Oxford that's what I've been doing
  18. aauntitled.
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  19. I;ve got OGIO saddlebags they work fine 15 litres each side when expanded and look good to