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Luggage for 250 Virago

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by SuzukiX7, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Has anyone used saddlebags on a 250 Virago?

    What brand did you have and what were your thoughts?

  2. I've seen plenty getting around, with generic bags.

    Looks good (assuming theres no tassles!).

  3. No TASSLES!!!! :( ..................... Maybe I'm INTO tassles :)
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  5. Yep, I use saddlebags, just elcheapo throw over ones from Ebay, but they work.I strap them down to the pillion seat.
    they are much bigger than the yamaha ones, and a darn sight cheaper.
    I would be lost without them, they handle weekends away, short shopping trips and can lanesplit with them without giving a second thought.
    They cost me $150 from memory.
    I also use an aldi tank bag.

  6. That's the most distinctive helmet I've seen a real person wear! :)
  7. Also have a look in the tours area, and see pics of Rosies trip on her XV.

    She managed to carry heaps!
  8. If I need more luggage room, I just strap a big back pack across the pillion seat sideways, attatched to the saddlebags.
    The poor litle beast is like Moses' donkey sometimes.

    before I had saddlebags.... leaning tower of Virago :p

  9. *Warning: Newbie question ahead*

    Does the base of the bag just above the exhaust pipes cop any damage or wear from heat?
  10. I've got saddle bags as well as a tool roll on my bike and sometimes use an adjustable magnetic tank bag on occasion.
    Get yourself a pair of saddlebag brackets which fit onto the bike (steel tubing frame) which let the bags rest against that and not the bike. If you dont have these or dont want them then it will be a case of trial and error by either slinging them over the pillion seat or taking the pillion seat off and adjust with the connection fitting for the right height.

    I do strongly suggest however that you dont let them sit on the exhaust or against any part that is meant to be moving ie: rear wheel !
  11. NO heat damage to the saddlebags, no wear on the bikes paintwork either, all good.
  12. I have Willie & Max saddle bags on my Suzuki Intruder and they work really well. They are water proof and can hold a fair bit, great for shopping or weekends. Put them under the pillion seat and tie them down, just keep them 1" from exhaust.