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Luggage attachments on CB250 Nighthawk

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ambs, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. G'day all,
    Please let me know if this has been covered anywhere else (I did try to search first) or if it's in the wrong section, I'm a new rider and fairly new to the forum also.

    Basically I've got a 2001 Honda CB250 and want to attach some luggage for day trips. I dont mind if this is a milk crate, top box/tail bag or side panniers Only problem is i have no idea how to attach them to the bike.

    As far as i can see there's no rack or anything like i've seen on the back of some bikes on the tail end.

    Any suggestions/links to point me in the right direction?

  2. I had a Ventura rack & bag come with the bike. I also picked up a tank bag from Gumtree which is useful for smaller loads.
  3. Awesome, Thanks for the replies guys! Do you know if luggage rack fittings are standard like, can i use one from a yamaha/other brand with the cb250? or are they bike/brand specific?
  4. Given the way the Ventura rack bolts on (you have to remove the seat and rear plastics to fit it) I imagine they're pretty model specific, as the bolt holes on the rack need to match the ones on the bike. Unless all bikes are built the same in this regard, which I somehow doubt.
  5. Makes sense, Cheers.
  6. Ventura racks are bike specific.

    Another option is universal soft panniers that simply strap over/under the pillion seat. I think they start new from about $150. Some are expandable, others are not.
    Just make sure they clear the exhaust pipes, which tend to run very hot on these bikes.
  7. sounds like an easy option, cheers.
  8. I got a dririder tail bag for my CB250(this one). I strap it onto the pillion seat but it can be easily strapped onto the tail rack as well, if your bike happen to have one installed. The bag itself it very spacious(big enough to hold all my riding gear or a weekworth of groceries), seems to be waterproof and comes with additional rain cover. The build quality is also quite high so I consider it a very good value for it's price.