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VIC Luggage 3 types

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Pompy, Feb 5, 2016.

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  1. Ventura top case and base plate, 2 keys, small, about 1 helmet size. IMG_1268.JPG

    Ventura Bora bag, to suit ventura rack, includes rain cover

    Cruiser style semi rigid roll style bag with rain cover.

    All in as new condition, pick up only.

    Would hope some people can get some use out of these, if no takers they will end up at a church clothing bin.
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  2. Rats!

    If I had the time to chase down to Melbourne..........but the Boss has me doing stuff at home for the next couple of weeks.... <sob>
  3. Hi PompyPompy ,
    I'm I nterested in the Cruiser style bag. Any Idea of the capacity ?
  4. Stever42Stever42 its about 55cm long and about 35cm diameter, heres a pic next to my helmet
  5. Hi
    May I please have the Bora bag?

    Or do I have to be a learner?
  6. Ooo thanks :) Now, how should I collect it?
  7. PM sent
  8. Looks great, I'll take off you please.
  9. Done let me know when and how you want to get it, I work in Knoxfield will send a PM
  10. Thanks so much for the bag :)
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  11. Thanks PompyPompy
    Replied to your PM
  12. Very generous mate...
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  13. All gone now, Stever42Stever42 your bag is in my car so will have it at work ready for you.
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  14. Excellent, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow.
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Not open for further replies.