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Lucky me

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by fret, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. I was coming home from the airport after seeing a friend off and just as I was noticing the fuel gauge was down below zero. Opps ok, so off to the petrol station. I pull up at the bowser and the engine dies. I didn't switch it off, it ran out of fuel AT the bowser...

    Sheesh... a little too close for comfort don't you reckon :shock:

    The official capacity of my Cygnus 125 is 7.1 litres, but I managed to cram 7.35 liters in that day, hehe.

  2. And how far do you get on a tank of fuel on your Cygnus?
  3. 190 is about the maximum (mixed city/cruise) but can vary down to 175 if I'm doing a lot of short stop start riding, and thats based on using the whole 7.1 liters. Usually I top up around the 6.5 lt mark and do less km. Those are real world figures, as I keep a log book in my phone.