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Lucky I didn't buy that PS3 today !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I was standing in JB HiFi this morning contemplating what to get with a gift card I was given recently. Anyway, I ended up getting a couple of PSP games.

    While standing there, GrandTurismo on PS3 caught my eye ! :shock:

    Wow !! . . . totally gobsmacked at the graphics ! Like a big kid in a toy shop I gave it a few goes, even challenging a snotty little kid to a one-on-one challenge.

    So the rock-paper-scissors financial decision process started to kick in. :grin:

    Do I . . Don't I . . . Do I . . . Don't I . . . .

    At the end I decided not to ! :(
    A decision that has paid dividends because now i've just found out that Sony has slashed the prices of PS3's to a more realistic price.

    So, its back to rock-paper-scissors economics to decided whether GranTurismo itself is worth buying a PS3.
    If a PS3 version of Tourist Trophy was available, I think I would have bought it on the spot.

  2. Ditto on that Mick...

    PS3 Tourist trophy - I'm there in less than a heartbeat.
  3. As much as I would love to say Yes, it is worth buying a PS3 for, this scares me too much. I would wait until it is released before handing over the money for it, just in case.
  4. WTF !!!!
    No way ! . . . thanks for the heads up.
  5. Oh, that's shithouse.
  6. . . . . .remember the days when Defender of the Crown fit on one 1.44in FDD !
  7. Yep.... and my mouse finger is still twitchy... loved that game on the amiga 500

    never could joust properly though...ended up killing horses and geting banned froum tournamants :evil:

    got the girls though
  8. I think I also read that the discount PS3 will forgoe the backwards compatibility to PS2 games?
  9. Indeed - the article Micky linked to said no backward compatibility, amongst a few other cuts, which means you'd still have to have the PS2 connected until the next Tourist Trophy came out.
  10. You lose PS2 games playability, you lose the Memory card slots, you lose 2 USB slots, and you lose 20gb from the HDD (now 40 G8).

    I think I'll stick with my current model thanks.

    And the article about buying the tracks and cars was shot down in flames about 2 days after that article came out.

    I don't regret getting the PS3, it's a hoot.
  11. The whole idea of upgrading to the latest console is to still be able to play the previous versions games;
    - the removal of the backwards capacity
    - the memory card reader (assume this is for PS memory cards, or was this a sony stick memory card reader)
    - and the lowering of the capacity
    - and the give you an empty game and charge you for getting the cars and tracks

    ... ensures that I will not be purchasing one... if i happen to win one, well so be it, as i will still have my current ps2 to fall back on...
  12. price cut? good.
    cutting out backwards compatibility, removing USB slots, 20 gig and memory card? bad.

    I might go spend the extra 300 bucks and get the current model I think.
  13. They are phasing out the current model.
    So the trick is to find ones going at a lesser price of $999.00

    I don't think the memory slot thing would be an issue.
    Can a USB memory stick be used instead ??

    Same goes for the no. of USB points . . . . surely a multiple slot attachment can be purchased.

    I think Sony will still make money from new hardware to up-spec the detuned PS3s. Its a marketing move to make the base unit more affordable.
  14. Do it you big girl. What else am I going to do next time I'm in Sydney if you don't get a PS3?!