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Lucky Guy

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Farab, May 17, 2010.

  1. So what happened? Did he run a police speed trap? It was all happening so fast that I couldn't catch it. Serves him right anyway, 260+ is insane anywhere but a race track.
  2. That was scary. Roadworks?
  3. Quick is good but not on that road at that spot....
  4. Wonder how fast his heart was going...
    Do people know which road that is?
  5. Couldn't agree more...

    Public roads are not designed for those speeds whereas race tracks are...
    There's no place or excuse for those speeds on public roads unless it's an autobahn designed with those speeds in mind.

    Perfect example of:
    Very high speed = less reaction time.
    Public Roads = Can never assume what's around the bend.
  6. But he thought he was a good rider... I mean he can go really fast...
  7. last time i checked, we dont drive on the right side :D

  8. Plus 1!!! Couldn't agree more!
  9. That's why I got confused when people made it sound like they knew... so had to check.
  10. You didn't see him almost run into the back of a car? :-s
  11. For 1 sec, I thought he may have been on Strath Creek Rd, bound for Broadford...where I was riding a few days ago. That thought didn't remain, as Goz mentioned.
    Very lucky outcome, though he did pass several vehicles prior to the close call - no signs of him backing off.
    What disturbed me more was near the end of the vid, he passes 2-3 people, near the middle of the road (what are they doing there, I hear you ask) still doing 79-80 !!!!
    I guess after you've been doing ~260, 80 feels like 40 :)
  12. A trap that's easily fallen for and one of the big causes of speeding tickets when travelling at 110 and failing to slow down through towns...
  13. Very lucky. Stupid place to do it without visibility.

    Still, it must be said though, that sticking a road-works stop sign just on the other side of a blind-crest is pretty stupid too. If there were 10 cars backed up, a car could come over the crest at 100kph and have the choice of the rear of the car in front, the front of the oncoming car, roadworkers standing on the shoulder, or embankment/trees.

    As far as traffic management goes, that's a really poor example right there.

    It does however stress the point of never travelling faster than your clear line of sight vision stopping distance. His high speeds don't worry me so much as in that it was a really stupid place for those speeds.