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Luckiest Escape

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Given the miles that we've all travelled, I guess we've all had our fair share of close shaves and lucky escapes. What's your luckiest escape?

    Mine happened in 1979. I was riding from Canberra to Sydney for an important meeting and detoured via Wollongong so I could go and visit my mum.

    I knew the road well and was hunting along just before the top of Macquarie Pass when I came around an 80km/h corner to find a huge pothole right in the midde of the corner, rght on line. I hit it square on and the bike jumped up at the front and then the back and flipped over. I remember thinking "This is going to hurt."

    When I opened my eyes, I was lying flat out on the top of the bike which was skidding across the road and heading for the bush on the right hand side of the road (l.h corner)

    Ray Quincey had just been incapacitated in a crash in Belgium and I remember thinking that I'd be OK as long as I didn't hit one of the roadside posts like he had done.

    No part of me was actually touching the road and I remember looking down at the right hand side of the headlight as the indicator was being ground away on the bitumen. I guess I was lying with my head near the indicators somewhere.

    The bike finally skidded to a stop in the mud just off the side of the road and I got up. I had not hit the road with my body at all; there wasn't a mark on me anywhere.

    I picked the bike up (after I stopped shaking), straightened up the brake levers, pulled the rest of the broken perspex off the fairing and continued on my wobbly way. A friend in Wollongong did the necessary repairs to get me going and I attended the meeting and rode back home to Canberra.

    As I was passing the spot on the way back up the Pass I encountered 2 guys who were loading a very battered-looking Ducati Darmah onto the back of a ute.

    The rider had hit the same pothole I had hit and he and his pillion passenger were both in a serious condition in Mittagong Hospital.

    In the morning when I woke up I had a bruise about the size of a 50 cent coin on the inside of my left thigh, the only evidence on me that I had had an "off" at all.
  2. I've come off twice, no injuries - I guess any crash isn't really an escape, but to walk away with you and gear intact is I suppose.
  3. Great ocean road, June 2004, 1pm, riding east and minding my own business.

    Coming to a blind left hander there's a bus crawling up the hill taking over about a lane and a half. I move to the left of the lane. A guy on R1 (why is it always an R1?) a didn't see appears from behind the bus and gasses it (ie tries to overtake a bus already taking up 3/4 of the road, around a blind corner).

    After a quick 'o-shit' moment from me, i straightened up and he swerves across me and lands in the ditch at the bottom of the rock wall. I bend a mirror on the side of the bus and pull of a few corners later and empty the pants. I stayed there for about half an hour, but the prick never came back; neither did someone from the bus, not that there are many places to stop mind you!

    If this was you, #@%$$# you and thanks for checking how the bloke you scared was ok. (passing view in my mirror on the way out of the corner suggested R1 dude made it back on the road)
  4. No drama here but the car was different . For some reason when i was younger i kept writing cars off . Some i have no idea how i lived through them.
  5. This is an escape story that actually meant I somehow avoided an accident - not an accident where I escaped from injury.

    Monday morning @ 6:15am (just past). Travelling along Station Street through box hill (north bound), over Maroondah Highway. I approached the lights and had to stop. Bus was in the right hand lane in the 'middle of the road' stopping zone so I chose the left hand lane (if you can picture it - there is a stopping zone for cars / busses turning right into station street from maroondah highway rather than allowing them to go all the way through the intersection).

    The incident: Light turned green. I accelerated through the intersection and the bus continued in teh right hand lane, and was going about 50 k/hr and I wa already at 60. Given that the bus was in the right hand lane I assumed it was either not in service or not taking passengers for whatever reason. It seemed a logical assumption as they always travel in the left hand lane. As I was mid-bus the bus saw a passenger to pick up and started to pull into the left lane (no warning, and didn't stop). I was really lucky that there was a driveway and I rode up onto the sidewalk (scaring the soon-to-be bus passenger). I quickly got off and told the bus driver off* - his excuse is that he didn't see me (my response: to see me you need to look first!)

    * I don't swear so you can be the judge of how effective "You stupid idiot - do you have any realisation that almost friggin hit me and if it weren't for that freakin driveway I would have been road pizza ..."
  6. Coming back from Lithgow one afternoon on the XJ900 with Mrs Scumbag on the back. Heading up towards the climb to Mt Victoria and in a long sweeping right hander. Just sitting on the speed limit, dry conditions and good visibility although was dark. The bike suddenly decides to go straight ahead still leant over, at the same time I hear the lovely sound of gravel hitting the pipes. The bike went across the lane I was in and then into the left lane and I gave the car there a touch up with the left engine case and my boot. This actually stood the bike upright and gave me the ability to find the non gravel part of the road. I still feel sorry for the poor cage driver and a p plater at that about using them to help me stay on the road.
    The reason behind the gravel. They had been doing roadworks and not cleaned up the excess or even signposted that there was gravel. It was 4 inches deep in the middle of the road and 2 inches on the outside of the lane. I had a small mark on the engine case which polished out, and of course the change of undies for me and the missus.

  7. well when i was about 14 i was driving in the middle of bush land with my 2 brothers and my dad in my oldest brother Alex's pink manaro( ahh classic), anywho i remember that my brother was going about 120kph on this small road that had 3 foot ditches on either side, then for no real reason the back right wheel fell off and we ended up in the ditch. No-one got hurt but it was really funny when we found the wheel about 200m up the road lol

    This one happened to other brother Daniel when he had his HB Tarana back in the day when he was a drug f&*^, well he was peaking off a mix of drugs while driving in the city and ended up driving over one of those yellow tram stops and flipping his car over, when my mother and i got there we found him and his gf dancing on the sidewalk.
    What a moron.
  8. Kym will testify to this one......

    Sitting at the lights in neutral with Kym on the back on the corner of Alexander Pde and Lygon St at a set of red lights.

    All I heard was a huge screech.

    Using nothing but bike zen, (had no time to check mirrors, nor did I know where this sound was coming from) I yelled out to her to hold on at the same time kicked the bike into gear and gunned it up the gutter and off the road.

    Two seconds latter a car skidded past in our lane, through the red and into the middle of the intersection at a speed that would of killed us both had it hit.

    To make things worse the guy just ignored the fact that he almost hit us, and went on his merry way when the lights went green.
  9. :shock: you need a shot gun holder on your bike. :evil:
  10. Robyn and Lids saw this one. Coming home from Mt Beauty out in the countryside, overtook the two of them, fast approaching an old white ute to overtake. Suddenly the guy brakes hard and starts to indicate right but his indicators are so miniscule plus the bright sunshine and his colour almost masked it.

    Hit the brakes saw that I'd still rear-end him hard unless I do some spectacular braking way beyond my skills or evasive action. Looked right, can't overtake, looked left, barely any road for me to undertake as the ute was very wide, only a bit of a gravel patch. Remembered Roderz and dropped the brakes and throttle, rolled over the gravel patch back onto the road.

    Hit the throttle just a tad too early, all the dirt was on the wheel still so rear wheel flicked left, flicked right, gripped and I gunned it outta there. Robyn said it looked impressive, I just remembered I almost shat myself for being that stupid in the first place.
  11. I saw that one in my mirror, I was praying that you saw the guys right hand indicator
  12. I had 4 near misses in one evening! Nothing spectacular about them, just cars pulling in my lane and jumping in front of me, but 4 of those withinn couple of hours, that makes it lucky I guess. I did a post about it a while ago.....
  13. this one goes way back into the dark ages ..... 1986 ( or there abouts )

    Was rideing back from Coffs harbour to Sydney along the dreaded Princess Hwy with the then Mrs CB900 on the back on her 1st major stint on the back other than just rides around the block .
    Comming into NewCastle ( in pouring rain ) what a 1st ride it was for her now i think about it :LOL: :LOL:
    Was coming up to some new rd works, and saw the nice slipperly clay base !! I just had just enough time to half turn to her and yell " hangon tight and dont panic "
    Yup as soon as the front wheel touched that clay it was instant *tank slapper* , by more arse than class we stayed upright ! I stopped asap after that to check on mrs CB900 and she was smiling ...............
    but she also said " enough is enough find me a F***ing motel and a drink ! "
    Yes dear :cry: lol

    But to her credit next day it was all go again, and it never stopped till a few years ago. when she left me for the big highway in the sky :)

    She never wanted her own licence, was more happy just being on the back slapping me around anytime my eyes wandered to some cute chick that had cought my attention...... not that that happened alot

    Bawhawhahahahahahah :LOL: :LOL: :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. How many times has our survival been more due to good luck than good management?????
  15. Heading East in Hawthorn East where Camberwell Road splits off from Burwood Road, I veer right into Camberwell Road with the Tower hotel on my left and a line of westbound cars sitting stationary on my right (facing me).
    All clear so I gas up the old VFR. Then this droog in a new BMW 5 series (sitting at the back of the queue on my right) decides to take a short cut through the pub drive-thru and turns right in front of me!
    I'm on the brakes immediately but he's literally right in front of me :shock:
    By now the world has slowed right down and I caan remember thinking,
    "this is going to hurt..." and I realise that while I'm braking hard the back wheel is now levitating somewhat above the road.
    The front brake doesn't seeeeemmmm to be doing much for a while, and the car is getting closer, closer...
    I can see now that the guy (business suit etc) is steering one hand and holding onto his Nokia T10 mobile (I'm that close!) with the other.
    I've ALMOST got it stopped now. The back wheel is still in the air and miraculously, the bike is still straight. His car is moving at slow motion across my field of view. I can see a '95 copy of Melways sitting on his back seat and I remember thinking "I wonder if the drive-thru used to be a street in that edition?"
    Thump! my front tyre hits his rear LH door, but it can't be at more that 10kmh by this time. I'm hanging on hard to the bars and I find I'm floating too, until I headbutt his pasenger window with my helmet.
    This bounces me back down into the seat, and the rear tyre bumps back down to earth. I roll backward a metre or so.
    It's at this stage that the driver realizes I'm there, lookes at me in amazement for a second or two... then floors it through the drive through in a cloud of tyre smoke.
    I'm left sitting in the middle of the road thinking WTF?
    I push the bike to the side of the road, run through the drive-thru, but he's gone of course, so I walk back to the bike, take my helmet off and proceed to throw up into a garden bed.
    When the shaking subsides, I have a look and realise there is no damage to the bike at all :) . Slight scratch on my visor.
  16. Here's one from the other side ...
    As a kid, in the car with Dad. Turning left into driveway, slowed down by this stage. Motorcyclist coming up behind, notices 2 females on side of road. Decided to look at them rather than the car he was following. Luckily father notices and doesn't turn left, but rather keeps going straight. Motorbike & rider skim off back of car with no serious injuries - just frightens us kids!
  17. I wasn't on it, but I heard on the 25th anniversary of Stone, on the Stone ride there was a 50 bike pile up.


    2 girls walking by, bunch of riders started perving, lost concentration, and down they came.
  18. Years ago, my mate gave me his old rear shock to play around with.

    Naturally I decided to try and 'adapt' it to try and fit it to my then bike.
    I took the mountings off so that I was left with just the spring/ damper assembly and was trying to decide what to do next. After peering at both ends and poking at the damper a few times with a screwdriver I was just putting it down when there was a sound like an air pistol going off.
    When I looked at the shock, I noticed that the damper that I had just been peering at a few moments ago had decided to free the adjustor in a rather spectacular fashion. The compressed gas within the assembly had fired it across the room so that it was buried in the ceiling some way off.

    Moments earlier and I'd have had an eyeball with adjustable rebound damping.
  19. And sadly that also resulted in a fatality if my memory serves me correctly.
  20. Had a fair few close calls on the bike but most of them dont register in more than a half-hour fuming anger sort of way.

    My closest call in a non bike sense was when I was bushwalking and a bullet buzzed past my head. Barely had time to register what had happened when the next few followed. Hit the ground and made it clear to find some idiot with a semi auto .22 taking potshots through the scrub with low velocity hollowpoint. He didnt know I was there :evil:

    Kind of a rush though :twisted: