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lubing the clutch cable?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by adnan12, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Where do you put he lubrication to grease the clutch cable? At the mo when I pull in the clutch it squeks a little...

  2. You need to loosen off the cable adjusters on both levers and pull the cables away from the lever, then squirt WD40 or similar down them, dont use a chain lube, it will make them gum up and harder to pull in, also squirt some on the pivot points of the levers.

    You can also buy a small tool to help squirt ( force ) the lube down the cables, they clamp to the end of the "cable outer" and block it off, the lube is squirted through a small hole in the side of the tool.

    The tool looks like this below and mine cost 11 bucks from memory.

  3. Alt is to make up a cone shaped collar out of BluTak or chewy, around the top end of the cable outer, detached as Ratbag says and the cable vertical.

    Then fill the cone with motor oil or similar and let drip thru. Takes time. Helps to pull the cable up and down from time to time.. The Blutak starts to dissolve after a while.
  4. Don't use WD40 - WD doesn't stand for "Lubricant" Use a light oil like sewing machine or bicycle oil. You can use engine oil, but it will take longer to get through.

    I use a small funnel around the end of the cable, sealed up with plasticine.

    Of course, the squeak might not be the cable, it might be the clutch lever pivot, in which case you could puff a little powdered graphite into the pivot or apply a little light oil or even a smear of grease, but to use grease, you would probably need to remove the lever. Shouldn't be too hard.
  5. WD40 is a no no for cables, it actually dries out any factory lube already in there, and you will be asking for cable failure.
    moike has given you the hot tip, just a light white mineral oil will do the job.
  6. I just use engine oil in a cheapo oil can. Every time I take a cable off to do something, I let a few drops run down the cable.
    I find it easiest to hold the cable end vertically and let the oil dribble down the inner cable. Working the nd of the inner cable in and out helps wick the fresh oil into the outer cable.
    By the way, Molybdenum grease works very well on clutch release mechanisms. I reduced lever pressure significantly by using this grease on my bike, and yes, it was well lubed befoehand.

    Regards, Andrew.