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Lubing cold chain

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by lui, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Spent an hour cleaning the chain last night, I know it's best to lube the chain when warm, like 10 minutes after a rider or something, but my options are at the moment are:

    1. lube the chain as is, i.e. cold
    2. ride around the block with "dry" chain to get warm then lube
    3. use hair dryer to warm up the chain

    What do you reckon?
  2. you're not going to mortally wound the chain riding for two minutes to get it warmed up
  3. What lube are you using?
  4. If lube can get past the o-rings on your chain, cold or warm, it's f#cked. All the lube is doing is lubricating the o-rings.
  5. Lube it, go for a ride, re lube?

    I think its best to lube warm, but that doesn't mean lubing cold is a futile exercise.
  6. I cleaned my chain and then took the bike out to the shops to buy the lube. 5 mins of riding and then I lubed it. The ride also helped fling of any excess kerosene so lubing was much better. Anyways I left it over night after lubing...so not really related.

    Another thing you can do is if you have it on stands, lube it cold, put it in gear and let it fling off any excess. Clean rear tyre up of any over spray and go for a ride.
  7. is it just me or are some people just completely over the top when it comes to chain maintenance?
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  8. Same same JD. LOL what's a chain.
    Mate it's clean ... lube it and walk away.
    Just lube the face up side between the cogs. Spin the wheel and the job is done.
    The reason for doing it when the chain is warm is it gets the lube tacky and it stays on.
    Do it just before you ride on a cold chain and most of what you put on is flicked off in twenty K's.
  9. He he he he he. I've found by far the best way to clean your chain is to go for an extended high speed blast -with the emphasis on speed. Or high. Or maybe both. 15 minutes later your chain will be as clean and shiny as new. And it's also mind alteringly eye widening good fun. Far more so then grovelling around on the ground getting covered in crap.
  10. Thanks for the inputs guys!

    I figured if I had spent an hour cleaning the chain, I might as well lube it in an optimal fashion.

    Went out for a 10km rider this afternoon, really windy, and it wasn't fun when the HWP is right behind! Anyway, most importantly the chain was nice and warm at the end of the ride, lubed and now letting it sit overnight.

    Btw, I normally use Motul Factory Line but currently trying out Shell Advanced Ultra, will probably switch to something different next time, perhaps Belray.
  11. Motul has a light carrier fluid. It will get where it needs to on a cold chain (under the rollers) but will take longer to weather off. The shell stuff will need a warm chain.

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