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Lubing Cables

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KumuduG, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys

    I was planning to lube my clutch cable in the week end. Got a cable luber from fleabay. Something like this.

    Then went around trying to find cable lube. Tried in city bike shops [peter stevans and city yamaha etc] and ringwood peter stevens. None of the shops stock them. I'm looking for something like below

    Motul P4 EZ Lube DIY

    Any of you guys know where can I buy something like that?
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  3. A1 Ringwood would probably have Motul. Call them up and check. They're associated with the brand.
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  4. Thanks guys. I will call and check A1 on Monday
  5. You can use Inox which is available in Bunnings. (I've tried the cable lube tool and found they don't seal around the cables all that well.)
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  6. I just use 'Lanolin' spray, alternatively Silicon spray is good.
    Any supercheap, autobarn, bunnings sort of store should stock it.
    Just avoid WD-40.

    Remember to lube choke cables and Speedo cables while your at it.
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  7. Thanks guys. That would be awesome if I can just go to a bunnings or super cheap and get it. Does it contain the same kind of chemicals?
    Also my throttle cables look pretty sealed. I was thinking maybe do another 5 - 10 k before I touch the throttle cable. I have done 10k now that's why I thought a good time to lube the clutch cable.
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    Bunnings/supercheap has MX3 (original, food grade type), and MX4 (Lanox, with Lanolin)
    both are like WD40 but maybe more oil? although none of their MSDS or TDS say what kind of oils.. bit sus.

    note that some descriptions call it a "dewatering fluid"... not really a lubricating oil that will stick around

    INOX-MX3 for Motorcycles - Inox Lubricants
    recommends MX5, the Teflon containing stuff for clutch and speedo cables
    ie, they are not recommending MX3 or MX4 for cables

    if you are detaching both ends of the cables, you can put down some thin oil (like Singer sewing machine oil, or similar), then jiggle the cable until a bit comes out the other end.
    don't actually need spray, but spray makes it easier to force through the cable while still attached to bike

    some silicone lubes are very good.. slippery and stay in place.. and possibly better than the "motorcycle" options.. but "silicone oils ain't silicone oils" ;) there are chemical differences between them, and some of the solvents used may affect cable linings (if lining is nylon)

    then again.. if your cables are already Teflon lined, then maybe they don't need lubricant?
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  9. (I was curious as to what silicone lubes were less shit, so...)
    Bunnings has this silicone spray, which seems to be this
    MSDS says it is up to 25% Hexane/Heptane (ie 6 and 7 carbon versions of Octane (8 carbon) ) so... like petrol but lighter and evaporates faster.. but petroleum based and may attack plastics

    Supercheap has 3in1 and WD40 silicone sprays.. interestingly 3in1 is a WD40 product (or now owned by)
    3in1 silicone spray is 60-70% solvents..
    likewise, WD40 "specialist" silicone spray is 60-80% solvent, and both are about 2-4% poly-dimethylsiloxane

    SC also has CRC 808, which is 10-30% solvent, 30-60% propellant, but also 10-30% silicone lube (ie, about 10 times that of 3in1/WD40, and less than twice the price :p )
    the Nulon Ezi-glide also says 10-30% silicone lube, and >60% propellant.. so maybe less solvents?

    so from that... WD40/3in1 silicone lube is mostly just stuff that evaporates :D looks shit
    CRC 808 ($20) and Nulon ezi-glide ($15) both have lots more silicone lube (and same amount),
    The CRC has solvent, so will be more penetrating than the Ezi-glide
    Ezi-glide less likely to attack plastics as there is no (or less) petroleum solvents in it, but as there are less solvents, less penetrating

    i'd go Ezi-glide for surfaces (and zippers!) and plastic lined cables (keep spraying till it gets through), and CRC where you want to get into cracks and stuff (as long as cables are not plastic lined.)
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  10. Kudos to you mate. It was very informative. I really appreciate the time you took to write those replies. My cables has a teflon lining. Still the manual says to keep them lubed properly. Mmmmm, confusing. people in other forums has said they use the motion pro cable lube thing. I'm still thinking what to do. I already have a replacement clutch cable baught and at my house. Have had a clutch cable snap on me in one of my previous bikes and it was painfull being stranded. In my previous bikes I used to use high grade manual gear old to lube my cables. What I used to do was create a little funnel like thing at the top of the cable. Pour oil in. Keep moving the cable until it comes out from the other end. Then again they were not Teflon coated.

    I just finished the 10k service on my bike. Oil, filter, chain tension, greased the clutch lever pivot shafts, left the brake levers and gear levers etc for another day. Didn't do anything to the clutch cable as I'm confused.

    Tried to figure out whether the original was lubed but can't seem to find any lube in the original. Really can't decide which way to go now.
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    the motion pro thingies do work, just need to have gap between the hole spraying in, and the cable outer. push it in too far and lube can't get in.

    MT09 owners manual says use "Yamaha cable lubricant or similar"

    Yamaha Performance Cable Lubricant 10 oz. says "Replaced By Yamalube Lubezall"
    Yamaha MSDS's here Msds Index
    Lubezall has 10% methylene chloride.. ie Dichloromethane used as a solvent which will evaporate quickly and help penetration
    and likely around 60% just oil?
    then again here says "an aerosol synthetic grease fortified with PTFE"
    can probably get it from Yamaha boatshop too

    so.. if the cable has a Teflon lining, it is ok to have solvents
    if the Yamaha stuff has Dichloromethane.. then that is ok too :D
    and if Yamaha stuff has Teflon in it for a Teflon lined cable.. then a Teflon spray is probably ok :)

    mineral oil will also be ok as it won't attack Teflon... pretty much any thin oil would be ok. you just don't want it to gum up
    but thin oil will reduce friction more than a thick oil..
    silicone oil will also work with the Teflon...
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  12. Thanks a lot mate. Ordered a can of Lubezall from bikebiz. Really appreciate your help.