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Lubing a Chain WTHOUT a Centre-Stand.. tips ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kazjim, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. As the title says, my VZ800 doesnt have a centre-stand, so getting the rear in the air (oo-er) is a little harder, and regular maintenance gets easier to ignore because "Its all too hard" .....

    has anyone got any tips / tricks or wisdom to help me get the most out of the ol' girl ? (the Bike that is. . . . . )

  2. well if you have 2 people, one can put their foot on the sidestand and pull it back on the left with more force to the front wheel so the back comes off while the other spins and lubes, or maybe there is a simpler solution :-O

    easier with 250's
  3. Simply find a flat bit of ground that's about 3-4 bike lengths, clean/lube the section of chain at the very bottom then walk the bike forward slightly and repeat. It's awkward, but it's the method I use.
  4. what i do and have been told its the easiest way.
    do you have hydraulic jack for you car (like those red ones with the long handle?)

    put your bike on the side stand, if your worried its not settled properly get someone to hang on to it. and put the jack under the exhaust down where the foot peg is. only has be 2cm off the ground.

    then when your lubin the chain just get someone to turn the wheel for you.
  5. Just buy a race stand and problem is solved. You can even buy two, one for the front and the other for the rear. They are rock solid and more importantly you don't need another person to help you.

    Cheers 8)
  6. Be very careful using a jack under the engine block. I put the firestorm up on one once and found the balance point. Basically had the front and back wheel off the ground and couldn't reach the jack handle to lower it!!!

    Rear stand works a treat for this. About $120 and because they are easy and quick to use you don't think twice about the maintenance.
  7. There's a bloke in Bendigo makes a neat little device that consists of a couple of rollers joined by brackets that you position under the back tyre (roll the bike onto it). You can then turn the back wheel freely to lube the chain. He charges $35 odd dollars I think. Advertises in AMCN from time to time. Or you could probably have a workshop make one.
    Even so, to check your chain and adjust it, I'd use the trolley jack with a block of wood under a solid point like the swingarm. doesn't have to come very far off the ground.
    A race stand will cetainly do the job, but I don't trust myself to get it on without dropping it.
  8. Rear Stand ?

    You mean the ones that "Attach" to your wheel hub, and you kind of Rock the bike up onto the stand ? (Kind of like a race stand, but for the rear only?)


    The flat bit of concrete thing would be ok (and how i've done it up to now) but im sharing a standard garage with a Subaru Forester - so that adds to the "too hard" list.....

    Some good ideas.... keep 'em coming !

  9. Easy fix - sell the Forester, buy more bikes :LOL:
    Seriously though you could try a Cruiser Lifter
  10. Suzuki VX 800 Hmmmm a bit stupid but arent they shaft drive ?????
  11. I just spray some lube on the chain, pivot the back wheel off the ground on the sidestand by grabbing the outside back frame and pulling, turn the wheel a little. spray the chain again, do it a few times until the whole chain is lubed up. And then just rotate the wheel for a bit so everything settles in.
  12. "Suzuki VX 800"

    Mines a VZ800 - definitely a Chain drive !!

  13. Well thats what he mean't AND thats what i said
    Well you have been given several ideas and three that address your problem very nicely.
    1) Scott Oiler
    2) Rollers
    3) Race/Paddock/Rear stand

    and YOU still want more ideas.....................

    I tell you what, if those 3 very practical ideas are out of your budget, how about selling your bike then you won't need to worry about it.

    Hows that for an idea

    Cheers 8)
  14. Dazza, there are how many thousand people on here ?

    Sure someone has some other ideas.... its a Big, Heavy Bike, I do a LOT of Klm, and all these ideas are very good....Budget isnt really a hassle, but I'm hearing good and bad points for each option...

    I'd like to weigh up my options before i make any decisions or commit money to something that may in fact be worse than I'm doing now ....

    Thanks for your input, will be taken on board, but please, these forums are for the swapping of ideas, NOT for perfect resolutions .... share and enjoy.

  15. Have seen these, didn't realise they were so cheap. Anyone know if this guy has a website or shop in Bendigo? (sorry for hijacking the thread kazjim)
  16. I bought a centrestand for my bike. Later on, I bought the Scottoiler. Works a charm. I don't know if one is available for you bike though.
  17. Righto Cheap and nasty

    Efforts to get the back up are as follows

    Two m/c tie downs off pergola / veranda beams onto back subframe spread wide at top total cost 10$ bunnings

    Angle iron from rubbish pick up through passanger grab rail and use the wifes good out door furnitue either side. total cost ZIP after that effort with the marks etc she will buy you a race stand for chrissy

    Ps they all work

    even did my sisters headstem bearings on an fzr 250 swung off the fairing brackets worked a treat with the tie down method.
  18. i ididn't mean the block i meant under the exhaust as in lift the back wheel off the ground using the jack against the exhaust.
  19. www.andersonstands.com
    The Hornet lives on one all the time it's not being ridden... stable, secure and oiling chain or any other maintenance is a breeze.....