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Lubing a chain without centre stand?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Smokae, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. How might I do this, as I have no safe way of lifting the rear off the ground to allow it to spin freely whilst giving that 2-second squirt of chain lube?

  2. neutral, push bike
  3. or get a rear stand
  4. Cool, was hoping that pushing it was going to be "ok", thanks =-D
  5. +1 for the Tommy Jack, with one proviso - it doesn't work on my Street Triple. It was great for the CBR125, and works a treat on the CB400, but the swingarm of the Triple just doesn't want to stay on the Tommy Jack. Still working on a solution to that one.
  6. Tommy jack equivalents:

    A pile of bricks
    A car jack
    A calibrated length of PVC or wood
    Some flat rocks and a spanner hooked to the pickup knobs...

    just remember to tie off the front brake.
  7. Really?

    I just rock the bike fwd on the sidestand so the front wheel and sidestand are taking the weight. I do this with one hand, while I spray the chain using the other hand. (I get a mate to spin the rear wheel.

    Tres easy.
  8. at home: rear stand
    in tassie: mate holds bike on side stand while I spin wheel and spray.

    all good except the 4 beers and full day's riding before hand resulted in a rear tyre and rim covered in chain lube...

    try it without the 4 beers...
  9. I first saw a guy do this in New Zealand. With the front wheel pointing to the left get down near the sidestand, pull the the handlebar down and back towards you with your left arm. You should be able to balance the bike with the rear wheel off the ground. Rotate the wheel and lube the chain. It is easy when you have done it a few times.
  10. I find it a bit of a challenge with the Tiger 1050, too.

    For the Tiger I turn the front wheel all the way to the right, slide the jack under the tip of the swingarm (so it won't smack the ABS lightgun encoder) with the legs of the Tommy Jack pretty much pressed against the rear tyre.

    Can be a bit precarious. The Tommy Jack is cheap, compact, cool and easy to use, but I think I'll get a centrestand for the Tiger for ease of maintenance and the extra fuel I can cram into the fueltank when the bike's totally upright.
  11. I did it this way with my first bike and it was a slow an annoying way to do it. I also ended up with chain lube on the rim and edge of the tyre even though I tried not to get it there. With my second bike I got a rear race stand, stuck a piece of cardboard between the wheel and chain and sprayed the chain while spinning the wheel by hand. It was fast and easy with the rear stand. I suggest investing in a rear stand.
  12. A tommy jack or equivalent, or a paddock stand means you can take your time to clean and then lube without needing a mate to hold your hand.

    The "apply lube and push bike along the drive" option is for the birds.
  13. "Lubing a chain without centre stand"

    I always spend the bit extra and buy the chain with the centrestand.
    Its SO much easier.
  14. I notice the mighty milk crate has not been mentioned yet. :)
  15. I just do the side stand swing but dont swing. Balance it on the side stand and kick the tire with my foot. spray and repeat till the chain is done.
    Ps best time to do your chain is when you have just ended your ride too. not before. Get it while its hot and not going anywhere for a while.
    Pps you only need to do the inside of the chain.