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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Netterhead1, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. was riding home today and noticed a snapping sound everytime i took off from the lights and a sudden drop in acceleration . kinda like a backfire but im kinda thinking it wasnt. i stopped at the lights near fish markets and hopped off for a moment and saw one link in my chain was stuck at an angle
    ---------\_________ type.

    i realised that it had been 9 months since i lubed the chain so i stopped in to the shop and bought a can of lube and sprayed it on the ht chain :S. seemes to have fixed the "backfire" sound. any ideas on what exactly was happening??

    will i need to replace the chain?

  2. No, you should proceed immediately to your nearest bike shop AND TURN YOUR BIKE IN, for being such a dope as to leave it 9 MONTHS between chain lubes. You don't deserve a bike.
  3. Dodgy link would have been causing the chain to hit the guard - hence the sound. Best to check the tension on ALL of the chain, if there's any major variation (ie a tight or loose spot) then it's definitely new chain time.
    Edit: This is why proper chain maintenance will actually save money (and time) in the long term.
  4. 9 months? :S

    How much free play is there? How many markers left to adjust?

    If you tighten it and it becomes loose fast, chain is definitely worn.

    Pic of the chain would be good.
  5. If this is an indication of your level of care for a machine that could kill you you may need to replace the engine first.
    How long since you checked tyre pressures? Oil? Brakes? Bloody hell :!:
  6. after 9 months it looks like this [​IMG]
  7. Who's the weakest link?

  8. yes my bad for leaving it that long. i do other the other maintainance though. oil, pressures every 2-3 days and just replaced the brake pads. i check them monthly when i check everything on the bike.

    hw often should i have lubed the chain?
  9. Isn't it every 500-1000km?
  10. When it starts to look dry, lube it. No chain every died from OVER-care!
  11. well damn. i havent been riding as much lately. only bout 100km a week. so probably 4000 km in the last 7 months. just checked my diary and it was march. but still way overdue i see now. there is about 30mm sag in the chain as i tightened it couple of months ago. ill tighten that up tommorow morning. i dont ahve any verniers at the moment so i'll check the chain in two and a bit weeks. its needs a clean too.
  12. use a rag and some kerosene ..
  13. now i was wondering about cleaning my chain as well
    now would i do this after ive been riding or before??
    cause im worried that if i do it before and go riding to heat the chain up there will be no lube.....
    but if i do it after the chain would cool down too much and the lube wont work properly
    im using the belray brand? (it goes white when sprayed)
  14. After a long ride, if i have to wash the bike (ie alot of bugs an crap on it), if i was not too tired, i would also do the chain.. most times i just do it on a weekend. wheel it out of the garage in to the sun, clean/lube the chain, then wash the bike.... then wheel it back in to garage after lil while :)
  15. I'd be replacing that chain, and not trying to rescue it with lube. Especially after the description you gave, which sounds like a bent link. or partially broken one.

    Without sounding like a schoolteacher, there are BASIC observations one should make before riding a bike. I think they now teach this @ riding school. They didn't when I got my licence. (prehistoric) we were given paper licences and a handbook on road rules.

    Tyres (inflated and legal tread)
    oil leaks (from where?)

    Doesnt hurt to grab some front brake and listen for noisy springs in the front - a sign that the fork oil and seals need attention.

    If you don't ride regularly, I'd be doing this every time I throw a leg over, and at least every time you wash it, or clean it.

    If you have spoked wheels, check tension regularly.

    Most of us do this as matter of course every day before we jump on, which, incidentally, is always a good time to be checking the chain and seeing if it needs lube or adjustment.
  16. dont find out the hard way for a $200 chain.. imagine snapping mid corner? could cost thousands in repairs, alternatively getting caught and locking the rear wheel in an inspirational run... just replace it :) and go up a tooth or few in the rear :twisted:
  17. Sheesh, and I thought I was recently felt terrible for leaving my chain for 1200km before cleaning/lubing it (laziness). 9 months!?!?! :shock:

    The manual says every 1K km, but I usually figure doing it more often can't do any harm.
  18. What they all said. :?
    If It snaps-which is probable with a link like that-and your in deep :? poo.
    Spend the bucks, replace the chain, ASAP!!!! front sprockets probably cactus now too, if you can afford it, replace them all.
  19. lol thought he said every 1 Km for a sec was thinking shit getting to work's going to take a bit longer and carrying the rear stand all the time will suck
  20. :rofl: