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Lube, Chain Lube that is.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by presti, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.

    Not sure where to put this, so i thought General Discussion might fit.
    Appologies about the provocative title, mods change if its too much.

    I was wondering, since its getting wet and dirty and i like keeping my bike clean, how often should i be applying greese to my chain? And what do you guys reccomend? The last thing i wanna do is rust it out, on my mountain bike i used to lube it often but i'd also be pulling the bike back to the frame and going from there every 2-3 weeks to clean and because i was bored.

    Should i be treating my chain after every outing in the wet? Or are they sturdy enough to take what winter has to offer for a month or so?

    Cheers boys,

  2. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=111966

    (always do a search as generally such topics have been covered before... and this one definitely has!)

    I lube mine every time or every second time I fill up petrol at the service station. I just carry the chain lube around with me and it's extremely useful! Saves you having to think about it in the morning when you might be "on time" for work...

    If it's raining I lube it at the end of each ride. (sometimes the start also if it needs it)
  3. Basically lube it about every 500 ish kms in normal conditions. If you have been riding in the wet check the chain by hand.
    I do it the next morning before I head out to see if it's dry.
  4. I lube the chain more often than I clean it with kero. The chain looks a little dry after a week.
  5. I'm doing around 300 - 500 kms a week between commuting and weekend recreation, rain or shine.

    I got to be a little lax on the GS but now I've got my new bike I'm establishing a routine of lubing the chain every friday night when I get home from work, so the chain is nice and warm and I'll be good to go over the weekend :D
  6. That's a great idea.
  7. One word Scottoiler.
  8. Thought about that. Scottoiler has a range of 600 - 1200 kms, so instead of lubing once a week, I'd be refilling the scottoiler every 1.5 - 3 weeks. For me, I can't see a real benefit there. For others who don't ride so many ks it might be a real winner, but I've never had one so I can't really comment.
  9. That might be the range if you lived in the UK or wet areas and had the setting at its highest and was dripping more which would result in fling possibly.

    Living in Australia in a dry and hot place the setting needs to be at its lowest which is 1 drop per minute. I'va had mine installed literally since I bought the bike and in 4 months have done 7000kms and have had to only refill twice.
  10. +1 to every 3-500km. Always clean with kero prior. Also, remove the front sprocket housing and clean the gunk from inside every so often as it builds up.
  11. I average a lube every 2nd tank of fuel, which is about every 400km on my bike.
  12. with the scotoiler, how often do you clean the chain?
  13. Cleaning isn't necessary as the scottoiler system does it automatically. Read below taken from their website and an old thread about it.


    Does the system do away with all chain maintenance ?
    As the chain is automatically cleaned and lubricated, only chain tensioning is necessary which is at much longer intervals due to reduced chain and sprocket wear. [Back]

    Does fitting the Scottoiler affect the engine ?
    No. Only 3cc of air moves back and forth in the engine intake actuating the diaphragm-valve. The engine side of the diaphragm is 'closed' so no air can be drawn in. The unit does not use a continuous vacuum. [Back]

    Will it put oil on the rear tyre ?
    A flow rate of between one to two drops per minute will provide an oil-film which will not pollute the running surface of the tyre and will give a dramatic improvement in chain life. In conditions where high levels of dust, sand or heavy rain are present - more oil flow will be necessary to extend chain life. [Back]

    How does it work ?
    The Scottoiler system is switched on and off automatically by a simple connection to a carburettor balancing screw, vacuum operated fuel tap or connection to a balancing pipe between the carburettors. This design enables accurate flow adjustment when the bike is stationary enabling correct chain lubrication without excess oil. [Back]

    How often does it need filling ?
    The Reservoir Metering Valve takes ten seconds to top up with 50cc of oil which should last approximately 500-1000 miles. Using the High Capacity Reservoir increases capacity to 400cc, enough for 4000-8000 miles. [Back]

    Is the Scottoiler system necessary for 'O' ring chains ?
    'O' rings are made of rubber which has a high coefficient of friction. Unless the surfaces are kept moist, the rubber will harden and crack, exposing a link-pin to dirt and wear. The resulting 'slack spot' makes chain adjustment impossible. Two kilowatts of power can be converted to heat by seal friction on 'O' ring chains. [Back]

    Does it work with a two-stroke, turbo-charged or fuel injected engine ?
    Yes to all three. [Back]

    Which Scottoil should I use - blue Scottoil or red High Temperature Oil?
    For riding in the UK use blue Scottoil. Please note that our Original Scottoil was previously red in colour but to avoid confusion with our High Temperature Scottoil we have changed it to blue.

    The red High Temperature oil is ideal for touring abroad, but was developed specifically for Singapore, Australia and Parts of America that are on average in excess of 30 degrees. It is in a red labeled bottle and is red in colour. Because of the increased viscosity this oil is also better suited for use with older Scottoiler kits or with faster flowing oilers.

    Please Note that the 0 to 20 c and 20 to 40c ranges are approximate. These oils will work at 10 degrees higher and lower than the stated temps (workable blue range –10 to 30 c, workable red range 10 to 50c.) Visit the New High Temperature Oil article on our news page for full details. [Back]
  14. My old XS 650 made oil from her breather pipe!, I routed it over the chain just like a scotty setup,rather than just under the pivot on the swing arm,onto the rear tire..!!
    I just had to fill mine from the sump..about the same amount too!! But ya have to ride a twenty year old bike before it will develop an external self lubricating ability.
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  15. Haha that's awesome.
  16. Hi there.. Love to get the grit on products as I was not impressed with the hair spray oops WAX that some use on chains! Got the specs on a product LE - 1233 A Almatek grease by Liquid Engineering which supplies the Mining industries. The grease has special props that helps to reduce chain wear. After cleaning off the old wax (kero) I applied the most stickiest grease ever. So far I'm impressed. Just very slight fling on my rim. Use iceypole stick to apply to inside of chain, when applying the grease is very sticky and I lay it across a number of rollers and repeat until chain done.