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L's training-NSW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by swaz, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. For those that are interested, this is what happens on the first day of your L's training in NSW.
    day1 (day 2 to come)
    Well, I booked in for the 6-9:30pm session. Bloody cold! If you think you have enough clothing, take more! You can also take your own helmet if you like. Take your own gloves also, the ones they have sucked! I took my own :)
    First of all you sit in a small room and the instructor gives you a run down of helmets and gloves... few handy hints about helmets I didnt know.
    He went around the group and asked our experience with bikes and why we want to ride. Very nice guy.
    Then it was out onto the track, so to speak! More like two basketball courts side by side.
    Starting off you learn how to mount a bike, then the controls, brakes, clutch etc.
    Before even starting the bike you do have to do everything non powered first, meaning someone pushes you and you brake, then steer the bike.
    Next step is to turn it on and progress forward under idle, learning the sticking point of the clutch.
    You guessed it, next you get to try moving forward under throttle.
    Eventually you get to go round and round in circles throttling on and off around corners.
    Finally comes gear changing, 1st to 2nd then back down at the appropriate time.

    Well, those are the facts, now for my experience of it.
    I am pretty much a total novice. My dad has always ridden bikes, but I havent had much to do with them. So I soaked in what was being said. I have a feeling my other class mates where a bit ahead of me experience wise all having ridden before. But I think they missed some of the steps that are important to the process. I dont do all the things I had to do when I was on my P's and L's to pass the test, and I am guessing it is the same with bikes. So I got into trouble the least for doing things wrong as I dont have any ways to be set in...
    I had fun and enjoyed my first bike experience. I can clearly see why you all like it so much, I can also appreciate the skill it takes to ride a bike well.
    Having driven a manual car for I dunno how many years and having a good mechanical knowledge of cars etc gave me good extra understanding of the gears and how brakes feel etc. Also riding a bicycle at a high level for about 7 years helped with balance etc. actually you dont have to ride a bile fast but the feel is similar. Such as I know that if I turn the bike like that, it wont end happy!
    Now the negatives- I can understand some reasons as to why the course is split over to 3.5 hour days. But I also think they could and should offer the course as a one day type thing. Once you get going, its time to stop and go home. Kills the momentum.
    I had to chuckle, there is a big speech at the start how the course has been put together by educational experts, being a new teacher, they need to work on specifically outlining what they are looking for after explaining a skill. More to do with the instructor not being a trained teacher though.

    Will type about day 2 after it happens!
  2. Hey swaz,

    Well done on your first day! Where did you do the test? Sounds like you had a blast!

    Have you got a bike yet or will you go shopping post-Ls?

  3. haha, glad I didn't have to do anything that silly when I did my L's

    We got shown the controls, start the bike, practice taking off and braking.
  4. Hey Peaches
    I read your posts all the time!
    I did it at the rider training centre at Tuggerah, Central Coast.
    Havent got a bike yet, still unsure if it is the right time to buy one or not. I think I will hold off until the new year when I get my job and work under control. I actually cant see me commuting on one, but I can see me enjoying a weekend ride.

    Question about your pig, is it a small pig for good luck? My aunty bought all us kids a small good luck pig made out of a plastic dough type stuff. That what yours is. Assuming you dont strap a real pig to your rear rack Indonesian style. :LOL:
  5. That's what I do now as well, but that's because I live in Neutral Bay and it's just so much easier to take a bus to work than ride!

    Nope, Piggy is a soft toy neon piglet that's about the size of two mandarins put together. Nope, it's not for good luck, I just strap her on for company. Much as I would like to put a whole roast pig on the back of Peaches, I highly doubt she'd be able to handle the weight of a real pig :shock:
  6. I will hopefully, start teaching in less than 3 months and the amount of stuff you have to carry with you. Not sure a bike would be the way to go. Anyway's it is something I have always thought I should do (ride a bike) so I am doing it.

    Thanks NSW government for subsidising the cost of the course also :)
  7. I reckon you should get a bike soon, New Year is months away!
    I couldn't wait to get more practice after my pre-L's and went to the RTA the day after to get my licence then spent the next day test riding a few bikes :LOL:
    I'm on the Central Coast and know someone who got off his P's yesterday and wants to sell his Honda CBF250. I rode with him at the weekend up to the Putty Road and it looks immaculate and rides really well.
    If you're interested let me know in your post-course post.

    Cheers, Dave
  8. Good luck on day two. Im booked in for my L's this Thursday!!!
  9. Swaz,

    That'd be the place behind Woody's, right? Did it at the weekend and yep, it was fun zipping around that little oval changing gears up and down in a space of .. maybe 20m. Would have been better if we'd been able to use the full space .. might have encouraged us to go too fast though :LOL:

    Day 2 for you would have been today wouldnt it? The assessment at the end was a surprise .. didnt think there was one for the pre-learner but Andrew laid out a track complete with stop and give way. Only we hadnt used indicators until then 8-[ .

    We saw one girl in another group drop her bike. Would not have been nice for her and I hope she got back on .. we were too busy to see at the time.

    Oh, and for anyone else about to go .. they are serious about being turned away of you are not on time .. we had one lady turn up 10 mins late and she didnt get to join the class.

  10. hey everyone
    will have to post my thoughts on day 2 another day. Got home to a sick wife and my dad wanting to chat to me about bikes, which is nice, bit of father son bonding. He will prob read this haha

    I passed, one person shouldnt but that is another story!
    Interested in that 250 dave, have to chat about it.
  11. Keep it short and sweet

    2nd day was good, built on what we learnt the day before. Some basics of cornering, picking lines. Got going around the oval, stopping, starting. Just getting used to doing things over and over.
    The last bit is the best where everyone goes around and you have to give way, stop, indicate etc.
    Anyway, have to book into do my RTA test now when I have tome and start looking for a bike.