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L's Training (full gear required???)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Owen, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. hey everyone, i have my L's training tomorrow and was just wondering if people normally take all their protective gear if they already own it (helmet, gloves, draggins, boots) or just the bare minimum (long sleeve shirt, jeans, runners).

    Just dont wanna look like an ass if i rock up fully dressed up and no one else is.

    Cheers, Owen
  2. Owen if you have it wear it :wink: ..you wont look silly at all..when l went for mine there were others there with there own gear on
  3. A g-string and sandals is plenty for training. The bitumen at those training places is much softer than on the road. :wink:

    Wear your safety gear. You paid a sh1tload for it, make it earn its keep. Who cares if you look like an ass? (You'll look fine!) Skin grafts are not a fashion statement.

    Have fun, good luck and let us know how it goes!
  4. Rather pessimistic, but i'd much rather use their helmets for training purposes. Whilst a battle scar on the jacket or pants is acceptable, the possibility of having to buy a new helmet after a silly little incident where your noggin may have touched the ground isn't too appealing.

    Ah, yeah... what Chairman said. G-string & sandles.
    BTW, they like it when you wear lacy ones. ;)
  5. Hehe cheers fellas. Will definately let you know how it goes.
  6. Owen, where are you doing your training? NSW? VIC?

    Dunno what it's like in VIC but in NSW, it's highly unlikely that you'll come off... you go real slow. I know this is contrary to what the others have said, but just where something that covers all your skin and is comfortable. And I second the "use their gear" idea.
  7. The asses will be the ones dressed like squids! If you fall you'll flunk your L's never mind you'll damage your lid! If you're gunna wear theirs ask for a hair net! Head lice are a bugger to get rid of!
  8. Good point regarding using their helmets- I hadn't thought of that.
    (Useful parenting tip - nits are hard to get rid of. Just something to think about :)).

    I wanted to say "a g-string and thongs" but I think these are synonyms. I'm afraid that I'm a bit out of date vis a vis ladies undergarments.
  9. Whats a squid?

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  10. Oh God, Sue - we're turning into our parents :(

  11. Squid. Got it. Thanks!
  12. Hard on top i.e. lid, soft underside i.e no protective gear like the fish!
  13. When i did my training at HART at Tullamarine (VIC) they were strict that you had to wear long sleeves & pants. They recommended that you wore boots without laces as well although it was acceptable to tuck your laces in.

    In our group of about 12 only one guy rocked up with proper gear (full racing leathers, knee sliders, rossi replicia helmet etc.) and he failed both the riding & practical tests. :shock: and yes he did look like a d!ck as everyone else was wearing casual clothes ie. jeans with windcheaters or tracksuit tops.
  14. wear your gear :D makes no sense not to

    at least the instructor won't laugh at you & thats probably handy :idea:

    and if anyone does laugh at you :twisted: put your helmet on and give em a bit of biffo
  15. I done My L a few weeks back and they gave ma a jacket (no padding) and a helmet. And some gloves.
    Id take your own gear and use their helmet. I had a guy learning on a scooter and he had REAL problems keeping himself off the ground. Id be pissed if that was my helmet he has been using. Dont know he got away with a pass either.
    wear you gear and use thier helmet.....remember gloves if you got them as they fit better than the ones you might get given.

    Good luck

  16. That's very funny, he got full gear but no licence to get ride on road! Keep wear them at home? :p in front of the mirror!? :p hee hee :p

    Get the gear after you have your L.
  17. i did my L's at HART and all they gave us was cotton gloves and wet weather gear. and some horrificly smelly helmets and hairnets dont really help. they said to wear long sleeves and sturdy shoes. nobody in my group had any gear of their own.

    i did my P's at Rider Bros. i had my own gear but some friends who were doing their L's were lent some gear. the helmets were better the one i have. they had proper gloves and a real motorbike jacket. i would recommend Rider bros any time [not just for the gear].
  18. Yep, take your own gear then you know it fits.
  19. I just found out today that my training place doesn't have XS helmets. Ive tried helmets on before in the shops, and XS really does seem to fit best.

    Is it worth it buying a helmet that fits, rather then using one that probably wont fit as well, and has other ppls yukky germs in it?
  20. stampy, as other have said i would personally just use there helmet, you don't go much over 20km/hr in the learners course, but at the end of the day it's your your head and you have to decide as to whether to risk a loose fitting helmet, remember you can always just pull the straps a bit tighter to stop it falling off. But if you do come off a good fitting helemt is preferred, but if you damage it your up for more $$$