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L's tomorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Brento, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I've got my l's course this weekend at botany and was wondering what to wear. Will I be right in jeans, sneakers and a zip up jumper? Thanks =]

  2. Yeah that'll be fine - they want to make sure every inch of skin is covered...
    Got your own helmet & gloves? Take them, otherwise they'll be provided...
  3. Yeah i'm taking my own helmet and gloves I was just a bit worried cause on my thing it says sturdy pants haha my jeans are thin and have a rip in the knee :p
  4. If you fall off the bike then you might end up with your skin being thin and a rip in the knee. ;)

    I wouldn't wear ripped jeans if you have any other option that covers all of your skin.
    Naturally however, it's your choice as the only gear required by law is the helmet.
  5. It's not ideal but they are the only long pants I own at the moment. However, after I hopefully pass I'll go shopping and probs get the pants to match my berik jacket haha
  6. Or paint your skin the same colour.
    Good luck mate, just remember to stay relaxed and the rest should follow easily enough :).
  7. Good luck Brento ! As the guys have aready mentioned above, stay cool, relaxed, listen to what the instructors tell you and then repeat what they show you - it's that easy ! You'll get plenty of practice throughout the day (y)
    Enjoy !
  8. Dont worry about fashion, just get one of those cheapo laborer work pants they are actually sturdier than many fashion jeans. Jumper is good, but change the sneakers to something sturdier. The problem with sneakers is that if your jeans ride up they could expose your ankle to the hot exhaust and you'll end up in pain, with blisters and a half crispy fried ankle after the course.

    Good luck Brento.
  9. Had my first day today, had a bloke named Lloyd as our instructor, he was great! Stalled a few times which sucked haha but I figure everyone gotta learn somewhere. Got everything else down pretty well just obviously need to work on my gear changing which I gather we'll be going over tomorrow. All in all it was a good day, didn't realise how big of an impact posture and positioning had until I got out there.
  10. Our instructor made us do the everything on the P's test except the road ride..

    Fun times 8-[

    Turns out I'm terrible at right U-turns :-s

    I actually enjoyed it =D> apart from the KLX250 which was.. small.. really small.. ](*,)
  11. did you pass, brento?
  12. Looking forward to hearing how it all went!
    I'm doing mine on Thurs - all in one day (in the A.C.T.)
  13. Sure did :D was a really good day, got the hang of changing gears, stopping properly, etc. Going tomorrow morning to do the computer test then I can finally get out and hit the backstreets/car parks :p
  14. congrats :D :D :D :D

  15. Well done Brento !
    Enjoy the roads with full freedom now, and safe, happy adventurous riding to you.
  16. Congrats mate.