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L's Question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by live4themoment, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. I am currently on the last month of my L's have to sit the p's test again as i failed the first time. If your L's expires past the 6 months cut off time do you have to do the whole weekend course plus the computer test again. Or do you just do the computer test, or can you renew ur L's?

  2. Are you referring to Victoria? If you are then the case is YES. If you learner's has expired and Vic Roads dont grant you an extension then you have to start again (plus mandatory 3 months b4 eligiable to go for license). That means you need to sit the test again (prac and written), however you do not need to attend a course, unless you prefer too.

  3. NSW

    For NSW sorry forgot to put that in. But i hope it is the same as VIC as i don't really want to book in and do the weekend course again. As last time i booked in it was a couple of months wait and the bike is only form of transport.
    I would have gone soon but due to work commitments i was never off on days of the course until now.
  4. You can get your L's extended in Victoria for another 15 months, but if it expires the SECOND time around then you need to go and do the test/course again.
  5. I remember the instructor saying that you have to do it all again.... :(
  6. If you go over the 6months qouta, you will have to redo your Ls course all over again, thats means paying the fees and sitting the knowledge test again also.

    How did you fail your Ps?
  7. Not to be used as a escuse but i had trouble doing it on my hyosung on the cones and the u turn. I found it harder for me any way as the bike is a bigger 250. I think i am just going to use one of their bikes on my next try.
  8. Have you practiced what you have to do in the test in your own time?

    Alot of people use the bikes they have there but u have to pay to use them :?

    Hope all goes well!! :)
  9. I found a cheap Suzuki AE50 scooter, and used that for the test. I figured the test would be a bit trickier on the CX500!