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L's practice test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by swaz, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. I heard someone say that the RTA has an online practice test for the riding L's exam. Due to the great (not) way the RTA have their website set out I am stuffed if I can find it, assuming it exists.
    Can anyone help?

  2. On a slightly different note - do the test 10 times and you'll pass with flying colours :)

    I finished the test in under 10 minutes, with a full score. I read the manual AFTER I passed the test :p
  3. Swaz

    There is also a full list of all the questions in the RTA site, however I would not go by them. The test was unavailable for about 3 days last weekend and when it came back up I noticed some questions I hadnt seen before and some questions had changed in small ways , but when I looked the list had not ben changed.

    When I did the test for real on Tuesday I found the new questions in there too (s'ok, I passed 100%). Definitely go by the practice test.

    As Peaches said, if you go over and over the practice test you'll ace it.

  4. Thanks everyone! Will be doing a few practice runs today, havent booked in for the test yet.
  5. Without meaning to sound like a sook, I find it unfair for people in other states.