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L's Platers Racing sports car's & V-Familys

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ms_tear, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Like to here your storys about you and a car at the traffic lights?
    How did it go?
    Did it Feel good?
    Would you do it again?

    Is just funny seeing a chick on her L's Riping a Dude in a Sport car with a CBR250RR :p
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  3. She cant Rember What car she Ripe, she never got to see the back off that car....LOL
  4. Can't a CBR250RR do 0-100km/h in around 5 seconds?
  5. dont know depend on the rider....he he he
  6. 5 seconds...wow such a long time.

    nothing beats racing turbos.
  7. it must be a fast turbo on two legs.... :wink:
  8. in my experience car drivers always seem to get pissed off by being beaten off the lights by L-platers, even if it is a bike. :D the number of times i've stopped at the 80 limit, only to have the car that I was racing go flying past at 90-100 is quite amazing....gives me a nice laugh....has anyone else had that?
  9. Makes me Laugh!!

    G'day everyone,.....

    Yep,.....done that!!

    I just go to the speed limmit,.....then thay go racing past as if thay have acheived somthing!!
    Makes me laugh.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  10. i get that all the time .. well all the time i have been riding which is about just over a week... The other night i pulled up at the lights and a Hyundai Excel pulled up also.. It was "fully sick" with a wing and full body kit, Music pumping.. complete with a TUPAC sticker on the back..

    The guys in that car were looking my way and i think they were poking fun at the fact i was on my L's... either that or they think that my ride is funny looking or something.. I ride a VTR250.. So i started reving a lil bit .. and then they starting reving also... once the green light they tried to take off... i completely owned them right up to the 70km mark which was the speed limit for that road... then they flew past me going atleast 90 or 100 kms.. They must have thought they were so FULLY SICK going past me like that ... LOL shame im just an L plater riding a VTR250
  11. And if you make eye contact with them, real seriously,
    Grab a handful of front brake, wind it up and drop the clutch.

    When your tires start smoking, they will launch - through the red light!.
  12. oohhhhh ya......

    I always hit the gas pretty hard off of the start to get into some clear space, so its not so much me being a hoon but just to be safer. I level off at the speed limit but iv had a few cars go zooooom.... past me after that.

    I also love the noise (as im sure TheYak can second) and the feel of brining my RR up to speed. If your quick on the change the revs dont have a chance to drop and you get a high note in between the gear changes, sounds awesome.
  13. there was a cbr250rr on plenty rd, tryin to race me and generally blast me from the lights etc. i just watched cause i knew he would stall it, so he stalls it, and i cruise past him....seeya.

    get to the next lights and he zooms past me as i was stopped, ahh victory for me!! im sooooo hardcore, seriously

    (yes im on my L's too :p)
  14. i'm going to miss my L-plates for this reason.
    some punk in a 2-door rav4, with shiny bling wheels tried to put it on me a month ago. he took his momma's car home

    i can beat the little hoons in pulsars and civics with exhausts, but not the big guys. keep pace with stock V8s and V6s up to the legal speed limit too.
  15. Meh whatever does it for ya. Next time try racing a "real" sports car and not some riced up POS 4cyl.

    Yes some 250cc bikes are quick but most 250's would struggle to beat a manual V8 commodore with a decent driver to the speed limit (not saying that they wouldn't, but they would struggle), and thats hardly a sports car!

    Triway - nice ute mate! What 1/4 mile times do you get out of it?

  16. Thanks! What times 'did' i get, as she's gone now, I got 11.91 but the new owner has since got it to 11.0 I believe. 328kw at the wheels and over 800nm :shock: :grin: . Was damn fun to drive!
  17. I know a lot of v8 commonwhore drivers who think they are driving a sports car :D.

    I know of a 1979 celica that would whip most new sports cars. (i own an 81 celica that isnt quite as good :( )

    But yes, it does feel good to beat some tools from a set of lights, regardless if you are on a cbrrrr250rrrrrrrrrr, or a clapped out 26 year old 4cyl beast :p
  18. not so far
    sometimes i left them for good, sometimes i teased before full throttle :LOL:
  19. absolutely nothing wrong with the looks of a VTR250. I have one too :D

    I seem to have this debate all the time with my non-riding friends...they have the thought that simply because it's a bike there's no way in hell any car can beat it, not realising that the VTR's not all that quick in the bike standings...
  20. It's funner still when they pull up beside me on the Blackbird and try it on...hmmm lets see your 1.8l lancer with a milo tin against a bike that runs the quarter in about a 10.5...funnier still taking off slow in first, grab second match speed for a bit and let em think they have a chance then just roll it on and leave em for dead only up to the limit of course...then wait the inevitable hero pass at 120k's...just to show me who's boss.

    At the next set of lights they don't want to race anymore :LOL: