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L's in just over 7 minutes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by catch-22, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Did the computer based test today and completed in just over 7 minutes.

    Posting questions and answers on their site - what were they thinking
  2. Pretty sure they want you to memorise the rules/laws/riding tips, rather than fail the test.

    Then again I could be wrong, ****ing low res monitors -_-
  3. yeah good point.....never thought of it like that.
  4. Multiple choice one in vic is dead easy. Did it in a few mins and went through fine. That said, anyone who has a fair bit of experience with multi choice testing like that will find it easy as the strategy is simple.

    In vic, there is a prac component to the Ls though as well.
  5. yeah same here (NSW). Had to do that bit first last weekend.
  6. They are not looking for ways to fail you, they want you to understand the rules and to pass the test.
  7. It took you that long to complete it??? I did the test in the time it took a 16 yo girl next to me to complete 3 questions.
  8. point wasn't the speed in which I did it in (most of that time was waiting for the machine to move from OK to Next Question :), but the point of the test.....to which I was promptly learned.
  9. 7 minutes ? :D

    come to QLD and spend the 60 seconds it takes to complete 5 simple questions :D
  10. 5? wow. 45 for us.
  11. Did mine in 5 minutes :p most of the time spent waiting for the animation of the next question to load.
  12. possibly because now we have to have our car license for at least 1 year before we can go for motorcycle license? Not sure if its the same in other states