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L's in 2 months. What bike? What gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Indiana, May 3, 2006.

  1. I get my L's in 2 months. I'm expecting to keep the bike "longer term," and use it as a big scooter, rather than a highway cruiser. I want a bike the will do the job, with the BEST safety gear. Can someone who knows lots more than me help me fill out the following pro forma... (BTW, im 22y/o, 6 ft 75kg)


    Also, what do people think about the soon to be released CBF250?

    It's only a single cylinder...Is this bad? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a single cylinder Vs a V-twin or 4 cylinder?

    Finally, should i buy new (Like the CBF250) or go with a grey import?

    :grin: Ta ya'll :grin:
  2. I don't have enough experience to recommend a bike, but I'm new to riding and I don't regret for a second my Suzuki GS500 rides beautifully around corners, very comfortable.. (just a little biased)

    As for gear try this site... they don't sell to the public but I found what I wanted on their site, rang them and they told me my nearest retailer.

    My nearest retailer didn't have what I wanted in stock and ordered it..
    But I'm remote, that's why all that fuss...

    If you have access to motorbike accessory shops, go in.

    Personally, I think good protection is the way to go... I fell off my bike at the lights (first fall) hurt my ankle, knee.. (just bruising) but it shocked me how much, good dose of reality, I got my pants (knee, shin, leg padding) and boots (good ankle protection) pretty fast after that.

    But it's really up to you, what your comfortable with. [/url]
  3. Remember you can always buy a used bike and the majority of them would not be grey imports, in fact I would suggest buying a used bike as your first bike. But then again as you mentioned that you would like to keep it for awhile it may be best for you to buy a new bike. It all depends on how long you want it for.

    For jackets and gloves I thoroughly recommend you check out RM Gear. Myself and many other Netriders have bought gear from there and have been extremely happy with both the service and the product.

    As for a bike, go the VTR250!!!*

    *Take all comments from myself regarding VTR250's with a large helping of salt.
  4. Single cylinders generally produce less power and excess vibration - but on the plus side maintenance is cheaper/easier and fuel economy should be better. If you go with a new CBF then you'll be reasonably safe that it'll run faultlessly for the duration of your restriction period - if you buy a grey import you'll (possibly) be able to ride faster, but there's always the risk of buying a dud (keep in mind most grey imports are around 15 years old).
  5. Indiana, welcome. Cool name by the way - it is our dog's name as well - that is a compliment incidentally. You don't say what you want to use the bike for. Will it be for commuting or weekend riding? You say you want the best but do you have a budget in mind? If you mentioned a budget of some kind it would help. I realise that you are new to this but you might have a figure of some kind in mind. I would also factor in a Back Protector (look for one that has at least CE Level 1 Certification - Joe Rocket will be bringing in a new one to Australia soon that is CE Level 2) to that list of equipment you have, in addition to the one that may come in a jacket - but then again I am a bit of a safety nut when it comes to my gear.
  6. try looking for some second hand gear, obviously not a helmet but there are some really good second hand gloves, jackets, boots etc.. out there that are practically new for sale and as we all know bike gear is #@R$@ing expensive
  7. Hi Indiana, the CBF250 doesnt look bad tho it seems to be very similar power to weight as the model it replaces if not slightly less.

    Also although prices havent been released yet expect to pay at least 6k maybe 7k, for an extra 1 or 2 k get a vtwin beast in the VTR. :grin:
  8. Hey Indiana, welcome to the forum.

    I have a Kawasaki ER-5 that I bought second hand from a dealer. Either the ER-5 or the Suzuki GS500 are good all round bikes and very similar in looks etc. They are both learner legal and the 500 may keep you happy for longer once you've been riding for a while and your confidence picks up.

    Safe riding.

  9. OOOOooo people are nice here!

    The VTR is tempting, i would kinda feel bad making the one cylinder (on the CBF) do all the work!

    Second hand gear is definitely on the cards. However i tried on a Dainese Kirishima leather Jacket on (new) and i think i'm in love...

    748girl, my cat's name is Indi, and she's the most outrageous hunter in the domestic cat world, hence the name! I originally wanted a scooter to zip around, but the petrol that flows through my blood found its way to my brain...now i want a bike! I live in Geelong but work in Melb, and am not game to commute to work (Ring road is psycho). I would use it to scoot around doing odd-jobs, and for some weekend fun! I've just started full time work after uni' so i'm happy to spend whatever it takes to protect myself (and look good!)

    Matt232 - What wrong with Peter Stephens!??? Did they doush you?

    Stookie i love the Hornet, but i'm a real sucker for low k's. The only Hornets with low k's i can find are at at Somoto, and they seem expensive... i think anyway. Plus, a guy at PS Motorcycles told me the CBF will be on sale for late 5's. Not bad for a newy!

    Thanks for the links to the accessories, will definitely check it out!
  10. Indiana, hi again. That's a bit freaky as I shorten our dogs name to Indi. There are times when shouting Indi-ANNNAAA across the Park is just too much. She is named after a very obscure Ducati model, a Cruiser of all things, but we wanted a cruizy dog, we just got a mad party girl - bit like her Mum. Anyhow. Back to the real world.

    If you want leather, I would really recommend getting pants to match and make sure they zip together. I and the rest of the motorcycling world have probably spent a fortune on buying gear to begin with and then upgrading it and spent double if not more. Boots must afford good ankle protection Alpine Stars are good - don't buy or wear any lace up boots, laces can get tangled around gear and brake levers and inhibit getting a foot down - net result - bike falls over - you look silly :cry: Personally I wouldn't spend money again on Alpine Star Gloves again - stitching comes apart. People have also mentioned that of Dainese Gloves. I wear Spidi race gloves (good protection) and put silk inners on if its cold. Remember also Leather is not waterproof - cows don't mind getting wet, nor do they shrink but they don't travel wet at 100km (unless in a truck where no-one can hear them cry and shiver) you need a rainsuit to put over the leather. Yes, I know you don't want to ride in the rain but you will - something compact to carry with you is good.

    Helmets, I wear an Arai, Husband wears a Shoei, we have different heads. A good helmet is whatever fits your head well. It should feel FIRM but with no noticeable pressure points.

    Bike, you are maybe going to drop it, either at a standstill (forgetting to put the sidestand down is a good one) something like a Honda VTR 250 would be good - no fairing and would probably suit your height. It is a long time since I rode one and don't forget to shop around (secondhand can be good) - just sit on lots and see what feels right.

    Good luck with it all and don't forget the back protector. The best advice I could give you is where you look is where you will go in these early stages and that includes looking down and falling over. Cheers.

    Peter Stevens, mmmmmm, I know you are in Geelong there isn't a lot of choice, will let Matt232 tell you more.