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#@$ L's expiry

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vladpp, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Today i was minding my own business when i picked up my wallet and saw that my L's expire in 2 weeks.


    My car L's would've been valid for 10 fcukING years and cost shit all compared to the bike ones.

    Not that I'm not happy to be progressing, but in a car when i got my P's it meant i could ditch the parents. With the bike, getting P's means, um, only 3 more fcuking years till i get off the restrictions.

    SO WHY THE fcuk DO I HAVE TO PAY $265 + postage and handling for a 5 cent piece of plastic.

  2. A long time ago, in a land... that actually isn't too far from here... I got my L's.

    I was a young lad, aged 17 and 9 months because at the time I was allowed to ride a two wheeled vehicle unsupervised before I was legally entitled to be in charge of a four wheeled machine.

    There were 3 sweet months of independence (albeit with a large yellow L plate hanging off my number plate) before at the age of 18 I was allowed to be alone in what some may call a 'cage'.

    You didn't pay $265 for a piece of plastic. You paid for the priceless information and training supplied by a professional instructor, the temporary loan of a motorcycle for the day(s) and a few minor bureaucratic fees regarding the processing of your licence.

    This has allowed you to indulge in the freedoms of motorcycling and a sense of independence that your parents have very little influence over since, last time I checked, they weren't sitting in a sidecar next to you.

    My advice is go pay to get your 'full' licence (+ the normal restrictions) and avoid the pain of having your L's expire and being forced to live the misery of doing it all over again.

    If you can't tell... I'm talking from experience. Restrictions suck. May as well get it out of the way now.

  3. im in the same boat and i thought it was if you didnt have a car license, you had to have your Ps for 12 months then you were off restrictions but had to display p plate still?
  4. Could be wrong here, but if you're on your P's in a car then you must show P's on a bike. Your motorcycle restriction period depends on the date you did your full licence test. (ie. you could be off your motorcycle restrictions, but still have to display a P plate to let us all know you're new to the roads)
  5. Yea that's right.

    e.g. If I get my P's before March 2010, then I'll still have to display plates until March 2011 but I'll be unrestricted for a few months.

    If you've had your L's for the 15 month period, why not just get your P's?
  6. Partially because i'm tight on money being a starving uni student, but more so that from a practical point of view there is no difference when i get my P's (provided my L's don't expire), because either way i have to wait till May 2011 for it to become a full license as that's when i get off my car P's.

    I was looking forward to getting rid of the L plate, but on my terms, not realizing that i only have two weeks to do it in. I'm just stressed out cause i have a lot of things going on at the moment and this was the last thing i needed. Especially cause i ride to uni everyday, witch is in the city, so driving and cycling are not an option as parking would be too expensive or would take too long.

    The train would be a "sensible" option, but i don't see being stuck in das uber cage with 100 other people for an hour as sensible.

    The only p test i can book is 2 days before my learners expire.
    Wish me luck.

    Before i forget, as much the learner permit course gave me a lot of confidence, they did forget to mention counter steering, witch i got me by surprise the first time i rode faster than 20k's.
  7. Talk to VicRoads. Pay a small fee. Get your L's extended.

    Cheap easy option until you can afford to jump the rest of their hoops.

    (I think) :?
  8. Sad to say here in QLD its true. Im on my bike opens and still have to display Greens (p2) P's.. Cops are like.. hes a P.. he wont run. But then again, I also wont speed off when you highbeam me :D Ill just point my rears into your winscreen :D /bitchslapcops!
  9. Ah, I remember the time when I thought 2 years was a long time. Now the years seem to blow past me like pages dropping from a calendar in a montage.

    I remember it well ...

    Good luck with your Ps :)
  10. I also did this, because I was too lazy to go for my p's.
  11. Re: #@$

    My photo AND autograph are on my license, so it's worth a lot more than $265
  12. That kinda sucks, but in all fairness You've had 18 mths to prepare for this.
    ( $265 / 15 = less than $18 bucks a month or 60c a day! )
    Your 'L's are not intended to be used as your ticket to riding a motorcycle, rather, it's a temporary permit allowing you time to gain experience before applying to become licensed to ride on public roads.
    Every person who holds a licence ( whether car or bike ), has gone through it.
    Stop whining and do something about it. Laziness in no excuse :roll:
  13. I think you'll find it's to do with the fact you are unsupervised during your L period and it's to encourage you to get off your behind and get your P's quicker.
  14. the length of time these days for P's is bullsh*t.
  15. Re: #@$

    response of the week!
  16. I think you'll find it's the same reason Learners permits are issued to allow driving a car, in which case you ARE supervised. :p
  17. Unfortunately you can't do this anymore, for some reason $ they decided it would be a good idea to make learner permits non renewable...


    Good luck on your P's test vladpp! :grin:
  18. Test + 4 hour course booked for next Thursday. Just have to ride down tomorrow and pay.

    In the mean time i got a couple of questions about the test:

    can i use my own bike or do i have to use theirs (corpio or xt250)

    how fast do they expect you to go on the emergency stop?

    how high speed is the high speed turn?

    will it rain on the day?
  19. 20-25kph, just like learners emergency stop.

    As fast as you feel is safe, while staying between the lines. You're the first person I've seen describe it as a high-speed turn, though. It's pretty sensible speed.

    No. But if it does, the test goes ahead anyway.
  20. by high speed i mean, is it a counter steerable turn? with moderate lean? and slight hanging over?

    I've seen the diagram of it but i just have no idea what is expected. Because there's comfortable safe and focused safe (probably not the best wording, but its midnight and im busy prolonging the period of procrastination before doing my uni assignment.