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L's equipped, but by god 60kmph is fast.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wulfr, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    So I got my L's on Friday!
    Had a great day doing the course, it was a whole lot of fun.
    (Instructor Mel, real nice guy, good bloke.)

    As a First ride today, I rode into Vicroads in Dandenong to get my rego and plates, and had a mate follow behind me, Wow. Wind pressure is shocking.. did make me nervous. I then drove home to Pakenham after visiting my mates house, alone.

    I'm guessing it's a start off thing, but I'm hella nervous going over the 60kmph mark =P

    60kmph is hell fast, lol, I just get the feeling if I go any faster, I'm going to wobble, as I did a little today, due too wind (a small somewhat wobble- somthing I don't wanta experence again)....and flip my bike on it's side, and come scraping onto the right-hand side of the road, thus getting run over =P

    Props to you guys for being able to handle all the issues, Wind, wet, speed, I'm hoping I get to that stage.

    Other then that, the issue of the wind is a little scary, and the speed..... any suggestions guys? - I need them.

    Cheers @Speed_demon - Other thread.
    Also, if you are on a faired bike, beware that wind gusts may move you around a tad on the Westgate. Lean the bike slightly into the wind, grip with the legs, remain loose with the arms.

  2. just ride a lot somewhere you are comfortable. try looking a bit further ahead. slows everything down. it also takes a while for your brain to learn to process the information. I remember it being a bit overwhelming at first.
  3. Congrats!! I'll have mine soon too! Who did you do your course with?
  4. In a couple of week's time you'll go back and read this post and go, "pffttt" what was I worried about?" :LOL: :LOL:
  5. @twistngo That's exactly how I would explain it, over-whealming.
    Driving a car for the past 5 years, I just need to get some comfort and trust in my bike going.

    @bulletproof, Hey mate, I. did the course with RideTek; Sandown Park ( The 8 hr course + Licence test.)

    I would really recommend them! Top notch bunch of people, and their personal stories told, put many things in prespecive.

    Learn't ALOT of techniques, and things I would never haven even thought about.

    @hornet, haha, god I hope so, I really need to get used of it, but feel nervous at high speeds, not much help that practicing in a carpark can do though ='[
  6. i remember the first ride i went for, was at night, and 60km was a big deal, but by the time i got home 100km was just fun!
    there is some crazy wind when riding maroondah highway to the spur i find, especially on a light 250, i found if it was really bad if i slowed down a bit it would help and just gripped the tank firm with my legs, just got to be confident in the bike, its not designed to fall over in the wind, its meant to stay up and just back yourself.
  7. Congrats. :)

    As for wobbles, and being blown around by the wind...

    When the bike is moving, it stabilises itself... But if you're too stiff, you prevent the bike from doing its thing.

    Try to relax and loosen up your arms (easy to say, I know), keep your elbows bent, supporting your bodyweight with your leg muscles/stomach muscles rather than placing your weight on your wrists.
  8. welcome to netrider :)

    Im in Pakenham if you ever want someone to ride with..

    Im also still on my l's
  9. I was thinking that yes, 60 kilometres per second is damn fast.

    I remember one of my first solo rides between my folks house and mine. I was FLYING along then checked the rear view and there was a car there! Surely this car must be going super fast like myself!... I was doing 40kph in a 60 zone.

    My suggestion? Love it while you can, the thrills get more expensive from now on in.

  10. Me too :)

    Prior to getting my L's, I was being motorpaced at 50+ ks/hr on my pushie, as part of my training at the time ... up til then, had no real concept of how fast it was until riding the m'bike the first few times: out of "bicycle" habit, I'd catch a glance at the gutter on my left whizzing by, scared the bejeezus out of me! :shock: learned real quick not to look at the gutter! :p and soon the "speed" thing was a non issue :)

    Getting buffetted by the wind can be un-nerving ... I'm not bothered too much by it, but figure it's because of years of cycling in windy conditions in which you quickly learn to relax the upper body, instead of fighting with the bike: you do get used to it, just be patient and give yourself time to adjust :)

    The more you ride (as in times per week, not necessarily distance), the easier it all gets ... four months down the track, still making a few silly mistakes, but I'm feeling lots happier about stuff that had me really bothered in the very first week

    You'll be fine :)
  11. Welcome dude!

    Yeah, its a good idea to build up gradually... I was a bit of an idiot and threw myself straight into traffic on day THREE of having my license, in peak hour... with semis etc etc etc... it was terrifying.

    I will definitely agree with all the others with regard to information overload, so much more to consider than when driving... which also makes it so much more fun.
  12. sounds like one of my first posts.

    shit, 60/70k is quick. you get over it. quickly :D
  13. Just wanting to push it that little bit faster than last time :roll:
  14. I agree, at first the speed can be something to deal with.

    But I found a couple of things really helped.

    - Extend all of the hazard avoidance spaces well beyond what seems reasonable it will give you more time to deal with any unplannd activity.

    - Remember that your bike is quite small and you really do have a lot of opportunities to create space if you are uncomfortable with your current position on the road with respect to other road users.

    Keep riding, before you know it you will be much more comfortable.

  15. Always fun getting over the flying along with nothing around you.

    This and the wind wobbles you will get over in time with experience, that’s why it’s good to ride as much as you can and under all weather conditions.
  16. I remember when i first got my L's my first solo ride i thought i was flying then I looked down at my speedometer and i was only doin 40km/h LOL
  17. I LOVE finding friends keen to hop on the back of the (recently, scooter, but previously dirt bikes, and soon to be vtr 250) who havent had ANY previous 2-wheel motorised transport experience.

    They always start screaming about the speed then get verrrry sheepish when you point out your doing 50 :p
  18. Cheers for the reply's guys.

    I went out earlier today, and have been home 3 times, then out again, Can't seem to get off te bike now, I'm constantly finding I need somthing from the shops or Maccas =P

    I think yesterday was just a bad day over all, Raining, wet roads and the wind was really blowly up this way.

    I'm easly crusing along at 80KMPH now, and having a ball (still a tad nervous, when at that speed and needing to change lanes.)

    I'm constantly looking out for cars pulling out of side streets, and slow down, I'd say it's good exp as i know one day, a car will pull out and I'll be somwhat ready when it does.

    Yesterday I was really panicky constantly looking out for things going to happen, today I was the same, but wasn't so nervous about looking over my sholders just that little bit more.

    I'm getting there, slowly, which is fine :]
    bought winter leather gloves today $79.95 =O man it's hard getting used to them.......

    AUS-ESP, Let me know if you every want to catch up, would be great to catchup with another local rider.
  19. sent you a PM :)
  20. Grats on the L's!

    When I jumped on the GS500 last week I crapped my pants a little at the power compared to the postie bike. (7.5 hp > near 50hp)

    2 days later I'm testing how hard it can go. Just relax and keep your vision up ahead as previously mentioned. You'll get used to it the more you ride :>