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L's course ( day 1 for noobs like me )

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ksystemz, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. [journal] 4th *Day One*

    Got there around 7.45 am , Went into the office block , showed ID then filled out a rta form .. Pretty Simple ..

    Next 15mins he talked about the course , then asked if we had any questions and if we had ridden before , after that we got hairnets and helmets and gloves , Then it was out to the Course..

    Was pretty scary , he told us there are 29 Steps we have to learn. We started of learning about the bike , brakes , gears , clutch are then we learnt how to get onto the bike itself .. What i learnt is too Go onto the left of the bike as traffic would be on your right , then squeeze the brake in with your four fingers , then lift one leg and sit up to the front of the bike. There were five of us and we had a little problems getting our position right , i still have a PROBLEM of not letting my arms relax and bend them as you will have better feel of the throttle. ( tip is to keep knuckles up and hand flat )

    After that i think we were going abit slow as most of us were new to riding , we talked about balancing , idea is to look forward in the horizen , NEVER look down as this will affect your balance. Always listern the the instructor as questions if you need help.

    We got onto turning the bike on , pretty simple , We learnt about the first gear and nutral ( bad spelling ) , we started of riding 3 meters , ( i kept my foot down to help balance ) then 6 then 12 , one of the young guys around 17 i think feel over on the bike , which kinda scared me , and intructor thought he was not to safe to ride , so he sat out. I nearly stack it , still trying to fix my braking up abit , hopefully tommorrow he will help.

    ( forgot to add before we started the bikes , we learnt how to put the bike into gear so we could get pushed around , intructor did me , as the other guys would to large for me )

    Then the intructor tought us 1st to 2nd gear , i have never ridden or driven manuel and did this "ok" it pretty simple once you learn * up is going up gears and down is going down to gears , i only cark it once too which was a misunderstanding , he told me to press up but i was in 2nd so i went to third without enough speed* big of a bunny hop there. We had a little course This was fun ! left turns , look at mirrow , then turn your head were you were going.. and look straight then we did right turns and for me this was abit harder , not idea why , im still jumpy on the throttle abit but when i get comfy and into a good position im fine.

    Then we did the same thing , but this time we had to change from first to 2nd gear takes abit to get use too but it good to learn. The intructor is there to tell you when to clutch and use the gear. This was actually fun, hopefully we do it tommorrow.

    Then we went back into the room to talk about the next day.


    * Trying riding a pushy before you go , get your balance right.
    * Ask questions , i asked a few silly one's
    * ALWAYS listern to your instructor , as if you dont , you have IDEA what to do
    * dont be nevous , it is pretty hard but its good fun.

    Thanks! wish me luck for tommorrow!
  2. Good review of what to expect for the n00bs, reminds me how much of an absolute doofus i was 8 months ago when i rode for the 1st time and thought i was absolutely flying in first gear down the straight section at HART. :LOL:
  3. I went out to calder park...Rider Bro's.

    I arrived at 11.30am..
    filled in all the paperwork,
    watched a video on roadcraft
    then out to the range at 1.30.

    stopped for a break at 2.30..was very thirsty work.
    back out to the range at 3pm
    4.15pm I did the written test
    had the pic taken
    walked out at 4.30pm that very day with my L's in hand.

    I had one on one tuition..was great..better than what I expected.
    and for $210 I couldn't be happier :)
  4. Any idea or tips for what im doing tommorrow
  5. just one tip really.....relax...
    keep ya arms relaxed..and you'll be fine
    a few deep breaths and remember to look where ya want to go..
    not down at the gauges or the road.
    tomorrow will be much more fun than today!
    ohh...Id also take a drink and some lunch :p

    tomorrow you'll be doing slow ride for about 10 meters,
    or something like that.....
    and you must take more than 10 seconds to complete it....
    its about keeping your balance at slow speeds.
    You'll also do slow take off's..turn with indicator...and stop in the square!
    easy stuff....dont sweat it..you'll be right mate! :cool:

    Oh..one more tip....put ya gloves on last....
    dont be trying to do ya helmet and jacket up with gloves on like I did :oops:
    and to think I was a pillion for 10 years..
    the nerves got to me and I forgot! :roll:
  6. intructor is kool after everyone went , he gave me tips on how to buy a bike and tips for getting gear for free or something
  7. free....nothing is free!
    You'll be paying for it one way or another.
  8. he gave me good tips one was
    i look at a bike on fri , if i go bake he said "say you went to another bike dealer and price was the same but they offerd you a helmet" Then he said guy may go hmm i dont know , then kinda start to walk out and he might change his mind as he is getting a sale
  9. What center are you doing it at? Suburb?
  10. Um annagroove , was a guy and lady instructor , he seems abit stricked ... scared too
  11. Um annagroove , was a guy and lady instructor , he seems abit stricked ... scared too , someone help me tonight come over !! $20 bux invovlved and dinner haha
  12. Just as long as you dont pose any danger to yourself or them, then every thing will be fine.. i almost droped the bike.. but was able to catch it half way down. (daelim 125's... eeeewwww..) and i still got my L's

    i was the same as you. never been on a bike in my life(except pushy), never used a manual clutch, never driven a car before either..

    You will be fine..
  13. Yer i nearly droped it too , food landed ona lil rock , put me off balance , one thing was he put us abit close kinda made me feel a lil unsafe , i like having my space.. When i got riding it was ok , i stayed up around the corners too , was relli fun. but how come right hand turns are abit harder then lefT?
  14. you probably did left handers first...and then having to change upset your rythm.practice makes perfect :)
  15. right handers seem to be iffy for everyone... i think it's a psychological thing...

    left hander: to your left is grass... or other stuff that isn't traffic...

    right hander: to your right is .... asphalt... maybe traffic etc...

    you'll get use to it :)

    but yeah it's also a rythm thing... if u do heaps of right handers, left handers feel weird
  16. You folk that have no riding experience whatsoever and are prepared to go do a course for 8 hours and then hit the streets on a 250 are pretty ballsy.

    I don't think I'd ever have ridden a road bike if it wasn't for riding dirt bikes as a youngster.
  17. I did ride dirt bikes as a teen...but wouldnt say I was experienced...only about 100 hours riding over a 3 or 4 year period..then i was a pillion for over 10 years....but Ive been driving a car for over 20 years now...so I guess I had road sense already.... just had to relearn to ride.
    Ive only driven my car twice since I got my bike on jan 18th...and that was only cos i couldnt fit a 15kg bag of dog food on the bike ....but I know I can fit 24 rolls of dunny paper in my bag whilst on the bike :oops: :p :LOL: and as for the car... its now got a flat battery :LOL:

    But ya right...8hrs aint much...and my course wasnt even that long.


  18. Pissed off got into trouble for someone else talking to me while instuctor was showing us a thing to do..! total bullcrap.. said i was not paying attention to him so there for im at a high risk , i no i did 1 mistake but i did misunderstand him , but he seem'd fine with that , trying for another place were the guy isent so strick
  19. wow..thats a real bummer!!!

    maybe best for you to get a bit of 1 on 1 instruction,
    instead of group tuition.

    did they offer you anysort of refund?
    I know that where I did my course they have a policy..no pass, no pay, in otherwords they were prepared to stick at it with me until I got it all right,
    sounds like you either really pissed him off bigtime, or he is one nasty mofo!
  20. he didnt care , the guywho started talkign to me didnt say anything kinda just walked away and let me deal with it. This guy actually helped me more then the instructor who kept putting off helping me on something i needed to learn