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LPG subsidy

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. So my fellow Netriders, who else will be taking advantage of Johnny Howards LPG subsidy?

    I for one will be, as getting LPG installed in my behemoth (96 Falcon) is smack bang on $2000 - so in effect the cost of the system will be free :)
  2. I think ill see if my 97 verada is compatible... only down side is the dam tank in the back....
  3. Nup, you couldn't pay me to switch my car to gas. There's many reasons but I suppose the biggest would be I have no desire to make my car heavier or lose what little boot space it actually has.
  4. I'm just sooky and shitty coz my car is already on gas..:(

    How about some vouchers for LPG? Ha ha aha...sorry...
  5. Talk about picking the ass-end solution of the brainstorming session. So what happens when the grossly increased demand for LPG causes prices to shoot through the roof. And where are all the servos with multiple LPG pumps?
  6. Good point.
    I worked for BP for over 17 years.
    Oil companies do not spend money upgrading sites unless they will make higher profits. Customers switching from petrol to LPG will be making less money for the oil compaines because the profit on petrol is higher for them than it is for LPG.
    I can remember back to when petrol was under $1.00 a litre, petrol pumps only catered for 99.9 cents per litre. The expense to oil companies to upgrade all pumps to cater for the extra digit was mind boggling.
    So, knowing this I doubt extra LPG pumps wil be put in place just because the Government are offering some sort of incentive.
  7. I'm thinking about it for my tank ('86 Fairmont). I hardly use the boot space as it is....
  8. I've owned two cars, both Commodores (VN and VS) which were on gas. An 80 litre tank, while taking up boot space, still leaves a fair bit. Smaller cars will obviously suffer from this aspect of the conversion. My son-in-law had a Datto 1600 that was on gas. Cost him bugger all to run for the 4 years he used it to get to uni and back. He didn't need the boot space.

    The other things to consider is that LPG isn't as "efficient" as petrol so you'll use more. The price break at the moment is a no brainer. But when we start importing more of the stuff versus exporting it, and when Howard applies excise to it, the cost difference will reduce, thus making it a questionable "investment".

    And then there are the fuel companies. LPG is largely a byproduct of the manufacturing process. So it's cheap to produce. Profit margins are huge. Hey, if they can afford to flog it on the world markets for under 10 cents a litre, yet slug us 55 cents a litre, or, if you use it for heating and cooking, over a dollar a litre (current Elgas pricing for bottle gas), then the companies are not going to let that cash cow slip by.

    I may be an old fashioned socialist, but I'm of the view that essential services should never, ever be in the hands of private companies, particularly those that are foreign owned. This includes energy, natural resources, transport and communications. The problem though, is that if there is no encouragement for investment, then stuff like exploration is unlikely to happen.

    Whatever, the fact remains that such resources are finite. Higher prices does encourage more efficient usage of said resources. There should also be encouragement for R&D into alternative energy sources. But then, I s'pose that the current crop of world leaders, CEOs of multinationals and so on really won't give a shit if their great-grandchildren will be living in a world of depleted resources.
  9. my boot is frequently used when my call is already full of people and we need to ship someone else with us...

    mornington to camberwell... 8 passengers! w00t...

    this officially may or may not have happened.

    i have a v8... i'd be happy with gas... or happy selling it
  10. I have a ford station wagon.
    Came with a tickford LPG system from the factory. it's duel fuel, but we run it on gas 99% of the time. doesn't affect boot space much - it's a station wagon! the gas cylinder is where the spare wheel goes. Spare wheel is in the back of the wagon on it's side out the way.

    cars that come with gas from factory usually run more efficiently than those that get it after market.
  11. For those considering gas conversions be aware that LPG is cheap at the moment because it hasn't got the same level of excise and taxes on it as petrol. That will all change in 2008 when the Federal Government will slap excise on LPG. Now ask yourself why they are encouraging people to convert?
  12. I can picture it now....John Howard sitting in his office after making the announcement, he turns his right hand inwards, extends his little finger, placing it on the edge of his mouth and says "One trillion dollars in excise!". After one second of dramatic pause, he throws his head back while losing himself in a sinister laugh.

    Meanwhile the struggling motorist says "Throw me a fricken bone here!"
  13. 2008.... okies... the gas system that i'm putting in the wagon would have paid off the $600 its going cost me many times over by then. and thats *IF* petrol prices stay the same ( :LOL: ) and gas prices get real high real quick (excise is suppossed to be climbing gradually over a few years i beleive).

    considering that most decent places will charge you between $2400 and $3000 to put a brand new system in, i think you'd have to be pretty nuts to not take advantage of the offer.

    and get on it quick too, bookings are filling fast. mine is booked for january :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Spot on!

    My friend who has a motorcycle/auto performance centre in Minchinbury Sydney has been trying to get another gas fitter for his business since the start of the year. A few guys tried out but none of the standard he was after. His business has received hundreds of phone calls this week about gas conversions and the subsidy, and he does not have enough staff to cater for the sudden surge. I am told it is at least an 8 week wait, and the longer you wait to book in, the longer you will have to wait.
  15. A little like the first home buyers scheme it will boost the economy in the short term and create the need for extra empoyment/apprenticeships in the vehicle service and supply industry.
    Spending pre-election shemes are on the go?
  16. Well, I booked mine in for 29/06 - costing me $2200, might be a reco tank, might be new - hard to say at this stage.
    So after the rebate it will cost $200. And the way petrol prices vs LPG are - I should recover that in less than 2 months.
  17. And it may, like the FHBS, jack up the prices.