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LPG Gas bottles in the country...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Silmaril, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Odd request, I'm moving to a house with bottled gas - I'm told it's expensive, does anyone here know what refilling or replacing costs? And what it equates to in a mj per $?

  2. Dunno what prices are like in the East, but here in WA the bottles are about $75-80 apiece and there's an annual charge which escapes me just now (possibly about $50 but don't quote me).

    In a household of three, with gas cooking and hot water, a bottle lasts us about 3 months.

    Not sure what the $/kJ figure would be.

    Probably more expensive than mains gas, but definitely cheaper than electricity for the same tasks (and more convenient, given the potential unreliability of country lecky supplies).

    You've just got to remember to specify LPG when ordering appliances. Jet sizes are different.

    I wouldn't sweat over it.
  3. you can rejet but it isn't worth the cost. Also you can get Larger/smaller bottle sizes. Your best bet would be to ring a gas mob. Its not as expensive as some people think. Especially if you have solar assited hot water...
  4. Thanks :grin:
  5. In NSW, $27.50 annual fee, $98.36 per bottle (45kg). One bottle lasts me about 8 months, live alone, gas cooking, gas hot water.
  6. I heard a story of a bloke who had a ute with one of those big metal tool boxes. He had it rigged up so that the empty gas bottle was hidden inside the box and a hose from the bottle to the side of the vehicle (ie it looked like the car ran on LPG, but really he was just using it to get cheap gas for domestic use)

    Might be an urban myth, but I can't see why it's not do-able...

  7. No it's not an urban myth, our plumber had his gas bottle set up that way.
  8. Yep, it's do-able. Illegal, so don't get busted.
  9. Ta. Good to have some costs in mind. The hot water unit is fricken huge, but it's the only thing on gas, so shouldn't be too bad.
  10. From the reading I've been doing, the diff between Auto LPG and domestic stuff is the ratio of propane to butane, if I have it right, domestic bottled LPG is 95%+ propane, whereas the auto stuff has more butane. I assume butane is more dangerous to health?
  11. Look into the costs / benefits of changing from cylinder deliveries to having one of those big tanks installed so you only get one big delivery decantered rather than bottle swaps. Mind you it's easier to change bottles if one runs out than if the big tank runs "dry".
  12. 6 month lease, doubt I'll bother!
    Was hoping for a longer lease, but houses are in short supply, and was getting desperate. So will leave most of my crap in boxes and move again in 6 months :(
  13. So how does that work then? do you have to come to some sort of deal with the previous (and next) tenant? Do the bottles have gauges?

  14. Oops, sorry I assumed you'd be buying not renting the house in question :oops:
  15. Good question! I'm assuming I just take over whatever's left in them when I move in, and leave what's there when I move out.
    Certainly haven't heard anything from the agent about it.
    Is only a 6 month lease because the whole lot is up for sale, and has been for a while - they haven't found a buyer.
  16. If you have a wagon/ute, set yourself up with an LPG filler that you can connect a bottle to. It's not exactly legal, but the savings are there to be had.
    a 45kg bottle fills to about 90Lt... deduct 10% due to not being able to bleed the suckers, thats about 80LT @ 45c = under 40 bucks. The difference is the butane/propane ratio, the flame will not be quite as hot but to be honest you'll never notice the difference.

    ..so I'm told :wink:
  17. From memory (and I can't be arsed to go and check), butane contains less energy/kg than propane and also is more awkward at very low temperatures. It won't vaporise as well as propane if it gets cold so you can run into problems getting it out of the bottle. That's straight butane though. I doubt if it's an issue with any propane/butane mix you're likely to buy.