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Loz's Minja

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. The story of Loz's repairs .

    So far, the front rim is on its way from Sydney along with some indicators that are in one piece. :LOL:
    An after market mirror has been procured and will be fitted as soon as it arrives as well.
    I'll post up more as the TLC continues but so far the repairs have been rather mild. Here is the poor girl with her arse end all bared for the camera


    with the rear shock removed, we found a slight wear mark in the balance hose and that had failed under the shock of the sever compression from Woodsy's adventure. A new hose was knocked up [ thanks to the guys next door @ brakepoint ]


    A quick service, some new oil/regasing and all realigned to the settings/measurements taken when we stripped the shock.


    Followed by a few minutes to refit in the ming, and all is good again.
    The bike is now back in my garage now so I can administer more TLC over the w/end which i'll add here as things progress.

  2. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I think i've missed something!

    What the hell happened??
  3. high5.
    high 5 bob, you are an asset to Netrider.
  4. drew check the vic to brissy thread... woodsy binned loz's bike :( and this is the repair job...... hats off to bob for all the work he and his brother + co have done to get it back to into the state it's in now.

    cheer stewy
  5. Yeah, well is goes without saying, it is Loz's bike after all, anything to get a bum shot :LOL:

    Well done to all of you :applaud:
  6. Awesome effort Bob & Co :applause:
  7. Well got home form work late this arvo and got stuck into minge ( no not Nadeen .... thats later tonight :twisted: )

    Removed and stripped the rear wheel, sprocket is cactus and will need replacing, as well as the bearings [ not from the off they are roo ted and need replacing regardless ]

    Same goes for the front, all striped ready for the new wheel when it arrives, and i'll replace the bearings as well.

    Loz, you'll need new brake pads when you get home :)



  8. Oh my, I'm getting strong urges to come and clean it.. :LOL: :LOL:

    (I have issues :D)
  9. Well done Bob

    Top effort, if you gotta stack on a long trip, try and do it around Coffs :wink:
  10. Signs_96_DZB2GF.

    Cheers to ya Bob. drinks.
  11. Hmmm, what's with teh used parts on Ebay? :rofl:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Bob, you are one of lifes gentelmen, thanks heaps.
    (no it does not mean i will touch you in that special way) :p
  13. And here I was thinking that Coffs had nothing going for it :p.

    Bob, FTW. :applause:
  14. Legendary work Bob, can't thank you enough. Chuck a $100 tip on the bill, I'll pass it straight to Woodsy... ;)

  15. Not much I could do today, other than some OT at work. :twisted:

    But got home around 3ish and thought bugger it.

    Loz I found your back wheel under all the grime


    Then I got real busy and cleaned your chain / swing arm etc


    Then mucked around and found the perfect place to mount your rebound canister since the mounting bracket is broken from the off.

  16. Bob that's a shit job... they aren't even lined up.... hope you have it fixed before we get back!!!! :wink:

    cheers stewy
  17. What they said :)
  18. thanx for all your work on this vtrbob.....i know loz will appreciate it....

  19. Well its D day , Woodsy is here and the Minga is almost back together.
    Loz is on his way with the final part ... Rear sprocket , and Stewy ?? guess who has the front mudguard bolts in his gearsack ? hmmmm :roll: :LOL:

    I've been pulling in favors all over town to get this baby back up and mobile in record time and as cheap as possible :)
    The exhaust bracket is all welded and back on.
    New mirror
    New wheel bearings
    A dozen or so zippy ties to hold the fairing together and on :p

    Pretty new wheel

    starting to look normal again

  20. You are some sort of ninja aren't you?