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Loz's latest review is a gem

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by locusm, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. http://ow.ly/jzhjc

  2. Lol just...wow..I don't think women are needed anymore
  3. He didn't say whether it's ride was more comfortable than the Diavel
  4. Damn, just realised I should have posted an affiliate link for all the units that will probably sell as a result of this post :)
  5. Somebody should change their avatar to this:
  6. Shit, I can't believe his wife left...

    Great review. I'll have to log onto the computer to hear the song...sometime my mother isn't around...
  7. Lol why.....


    there's nothing in it for her at the end of it is my point here lol
  8. Loz is certainly "different"
    Wonder if this was the after picture

  9. << post was deleted without even a courtesy email... not a nice little doggy
  10. Looks like a pasta maker :)

    Be a bit awkward fitting it to the bike. :rofl:
  11. We're givers not takers Crisis!
    Jeez, the competition just ramped up; you don't even have to buy it a drink first!
  12. Well, that was different!
  13. Fleshlight V2.0?

  14. I agree....it IS time to fit a usb outlet on my bike.
  15. Doesn't look quite as dangerous as the Japanese version a saw in a doco several years ago. Was a giant ball of hydraulic pistons attached to a fleshlight.
  16. Isn't it more about the inlet?
  17. shush ...VAGINA DRESS
  18. Virgin's paradise.
  19. Crisis, lm seeing an opening here (no pun intended) could be time to 'jump onboard' so to speak, l predict a 'huge increase' in computer sales,,,,possible new job?