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Loz's Flaming Arse (tech opinions please)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loz, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. ...No, I haven't invented a new cocktail and this is completely unrelated to last week's bout of food poisoning.

    However, occasionally under very hard throttle, just as I'm topping out in the revs in second and third gear, the Hornet seems to generate an extraordinary amount of heat from the underseat exhausts. This only seems to happen every now and then, and it's only ever occurred on a particular on-ramp to the bolte in a looooong, banked-over left-hander that I have a bit of fun with on my way home from work.

    It feels as if the arse of the bike is on fire. Cheng was on the back once as it happened and she nearly crapped herself, thinking the back of her jacket had caught on fire or something. At the same time I can't find any evidence of melting, scorching or other heat/flame inflicted issues around the back end afterwards.

    The exhausts do usually get hot-ish, but this is so intense that you can very clearly feel the radiant heat on your back and legs, even screaming down the highway after the turn at 140+ kph, which is the usual exit speed.

    Anyone have any ideas on what might be happening?
  2. possibly because you're shitting yourself at the same time? ...... waarrrrm :shock:


    ever seen a bike or car on a dyno? seen those headers glowing red? more revs = more hot gas escaping = hotter exhaust = fiery bum :grin:
  3. could switch to a set of CF cans, would give you much less radiant heat from there. wont help the pipes, but it'll get rid of a bit of the heat...
  4. It's all to do with friction - you've gotta stop rubbing your arse on the seat :LOL: (humping the fuel tank won't make it go any faster).
  5. and no more tinned chilli con carne eh :wink:
  6. Yeeeeeeaaah yeah yeah

    Watch it boys, don't make me get all Moderatey on yo' asses!

  7. ....Seriously, I wonder why it only ever happens on that one turn? I spend plenty of time accelerating hard up to the top of the rev range. I don't get why it would happen some times and not others, or why a long lefty would trigger it...
  8. Is the Hornet injected or run carbs? If carbs the lean angle could be playing a bit of mischief with your float level -causing it to run rich, dumping excess fuel into the exhaust which will then start happily burning where it normally wouldn't. Probably all bullshit but thats the best I can come up with :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Hey Loz, did you REALLY expect a serious technical discussion, on Netrider, at 10:45pm, on a Monday night?? :LOL:

    "Ah but I may as well try and catch the wind..."
    Donavan Leitch
  10. The bolte onramp is uphill yeah? and i'm pretty sure the hornet is carbied not injected. . . . . I dont know what any of this means, but maybe just take it easy up there? :grin:
  11. Nope, it's fuel injected.

    And I don't *like* to take it easy! :grin:
  12. My take on it and it may sound silly
    The heat is always there but when you are taking that left hander long and low as it is the heat by the bike's propulsion is shifted upwards so that you get a dose of the hot air rather than it shooting out the back.
    when you straighten up again the heat is dispelled back again.
    Much like when taking a sharp corner in the car with the aircon on and you feel a momentary gust of colder air as it shifts in the car.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. Hmm, yeah Smee but it's usually as I come OUT of the corner, when the bike's standing itself back up again, that it hits. And it's seriously bloody hot - the sort of hot you notice is out of order.

    Anyway, it's been a while since it happened, I'll keep trying to replicate and understand.
  14. Yep thats when you get the little vacuum and the wind catches up
    It gets hot because on the lean you don't get that windblast to cool it.
    I am not explaining it well am I ?
  15. The solution is simple.

    Trade the Hornet for a Bandit.

    Problem solved.
  16. Ah, I see, you might be onto something there.

    BTW, is "Smee" a Peter Pan reference, or does it refer to that great "GARN" joke?
  17. Better to have flaming arse cheeks than to have my other cheeks burn with the shame of Bandit ownership. :LOL:
  18. It's the Garn joke :)
  19. which joke is this??? googles it and onlt came back with some lame footy joke
  20. Sanitised, poory told version follows:


    There was quiz TV programme in the US where a professor would endeavour to put any word named into a sentence within 30 seconds.

    A man from the audience called out 'Garn'. The professor thought about it, started to sweat and then the buzzer sounded. The host was stounded - in more than 200 episodes the professor had never been stumped. The host turned to the man and said "Garn - can you put it in a sentence? The man called out "Garn get rooted!"

    The show went off air immediately - and 6 months later, after all measures were taken to tighten security and vet contestants, the show was back on TV.

    Again the professor was able to put all sorts of words in sentences. The host then asked a priest in the audience for the next word. The priest stood up and through his long beard called out "smee".

    The professor pondered for what seemed like an eternity - again the buzzer sounded. "Unbelievable" said the host He turned to the priest and asked him to put the word in a sentence.

    The priest stood up, ripped off his beard and said "Smee again, garn get rooted!!"

    Siiiigh, I love that joke! :grin: